21-11 Millie 21-11


Millie has been adopted! Stay tuned for her “furever” story.

Please welcome a very special pup to foster care! Millie is one of four blind Goldendoodle puppies surrendered to GRRIN. She is being fostered with one of her siblings in a home with another dog. All of the puppies have completely surprised the rescue team because they are highly adaptable and act like “normal” puppies in many ways, however they will need special adoptive homes. All four pups are working on house training, crate training, “nose” work, and walking on leash…and they are quite successful!

Millie is a lower-key pup and likes to snuggle and take naps. She would do well in a home that has plenty of time to enrich her life with nose working games and continue to build her confidence.

We are accepting adoption applications but will be very selective. If you think one of the pups might be a fit for your home, please consider:

  1. You must have a fenced yard with a gate that latches or locks.
  2. Your pup – even as an adult – will always need to be on leash when outside a fenced area.
  3. Children in an adoptive home must be older than six years old and we will observe interaction between the pups and children of all ages before approving adoption.
  4. We are not certain of future medical requirements so an adopting family will need to be prepared to provide medical care as their puppy matures and into adulthood.
  5. We believe each puppy will do best in a home with another dog and a family that is committed to continued training for their pup.

To begin the adoption process you must call our Goldline at 402-330-6680 and leave a voicemail. One of our volunteers will return your call and begin an adoption application. The next steps will include completing a detailed online questionnaire and having a volunteer visit your home.