21-11 Millie 21-11

Adopted by:
Pam & Craig

Hi! Millie here! I am one of the four blind Goldendoodle puppies who were surrendered to GRRIN. I really don’t know that I am blind, because you know, I can see with my heart!

I was in the best foster home with my brother Franklin. I learned so much from my foster mom and dad and foster sister Ruby. Best of all, I learned how to snuggle! On September 22nd, I got adopted by my furever mom and dad, and I am going to learn so much more as I get older.

I am mom’s emotional support service dog. I will be going to school, and will become a Canine Good Citizen, whatever that means, but as long as I am doing that with my mom, I am OK with going to school. I LOVE to find sticks and carry them around. We go for lots of walks and I have made new friends. I, like my brother Franklin, love ANYTHING FOOD, and sometimes I am naughty and like to chew on things not food (BOL). I love ice cubes, Doggurt frozen yogurt, sweet potato chips, and bully sticks. We play with doggie puzzles and find-it games. I sure can smell things great. Just recently, I learned to swim, and that was fun! I love baths and massages.

I have a cat sister that watches over me, and makes sure I don’t get to close to her.

Thanks to all of you humans that helped me get to where I am today. I am one lucky girl! Next May, mom says we should have a birthday party for all four of us! I can’t wait to eat doggie cake!