21-16 Jack (formerly Herky) 21-16

Adopted by:
Lucas & Rachel

Hi! It’s me Jack (previously Herky)! I went home with my mom, dad, and dog sister Ruby in September 2021. I’m a pretty goofy guy. Whenever my parents get home from work I like to find a toy and run through the house and howl to welcome them home. I also make them laugh with all the silly faces I make. My lips often get stuck on my teeth and it looks like I’m smiling. My parents know that I’m very smart. When I first moved in I showed them that I know how to open the kitchen trash can lid by stepping on the lever. The look on their face was priceless but I’m not allowed to do that anymore. 

I really enjoy my daily walks on trails around my house and playing fetch in the backyard with my sister Ruby. Ruby has been doing a good job showing me the ropes. I like her and she thinks I’m pretty great too. I follow her around everywhere. If Ruby and my mom fall a little behind on our walks I get worried and make dad wait until they catch up. Speaking of walks I used to be a big puller and now I’m only a moderately big puller. Progress is progress right? 

Anyway I’m doing great and my new family loves me a whole bunch!