21-16 Herky 21-16

Adopted by:
Lucas & Rachel

Herky has been adopted! Stay tuned for his “furever” story.

Herky update! Lots has happened since I came to GRRIN and my first report! I have become very good friends with my foster sister. We take naps together and still like to tug on toys and wrestle outside. She showed me how to wade in the kiddie pool in the backyard! I am very motivated by treats to sit, come, go to my “place” and into my kennel. I practice every day. I will stay in a sit while my foster mom goes all around the yard or house. When I hear “Herky, Okay!” then I know it’s fine for me to move. I taught the foster parents to keep things away from the edge of the counter, but I’m doing a lot better at not jumping up there, too. Sometimes I wear a vibrating collar for that and to be reminded not to bark at cars and people who pass by the yard. That came from the dog training company. A nice man came to show my foster parents how to use it, and the company will always be available to me and my fur-ever family. A Gentle Leader harness on my face makes walks a LOT easier for us. My foster mom and dad think I’m “a really good boy” but still young, smart and spirited. After play, wrestling, walks, and patrolling the fence, I enjoy the times we can just “chill” and snuggle, too. Even though I am still learning, they think I am ready to be adopted. Are you the right family for me?  I will be so excited to meet and love you!

Please note: We frequently receive several applications for the same dog and do not guarantee availability for adoption.

HERKY HERE!!!!! I like to announce myself in a big way with lots of enthusiasm! And I love people, and most other dogs, and treats, and balls and loud squeaky toys, and fetching, and smells, and walks, and meals, and my blanket, and running and wrestling with my foster dog sister! Cuddling is good, too, with one of my paws touching you if more attention is needed.

I sleep in a crate at night, and I stay in it when my people are away for brief outings, it’s not my favorite thing, but I go into it when asked now.  I know to go outside for all potty activities. My foster family thinks I’m really smart, but I still consider “sit, down, and no” as suggestions rather than commands…kind of like a toddler. Sometimes I follow my nose up on the table and kitchen counter and, before I know it, something good has been eaten! I’m sort of sorry about it, but it really did taste good. I do have a “place” where I sit for “time out” and meals. I’m also working on being a good walker who doesn’t pull on the leash. I have a lifetime membership with a dog training company from my youth, and they are coming out soon to help with some suggestions to my foster parents. The trainer said I had been a good student when I was young with a “free spirit” personality. My foster mom smiled at that description. I don’t like people messing with my toes or ears, and I do my best to escape that kind of attention. They said something about “double-teaming” me for a nail trim soon.

When I am ready for adoption, I could be a solo dog or have another dog in the home, if he or she is very confident and likes to play. I want to be in charge, so my foster parents think it is best if another dog knows how to say “no” to me and my pestering. (I have followed my foster dog sister into her crate to get her to play…and that earns a “NO!”)  With my enthusiasm, it would be best for there not to be small children in the home. It would also be hard for me to be alone at home all day. For me to follow the rules, an adopting family would need to be very consistent and clear with commands, expectations, praise and consequences. They also need to be active outside. Are you ready and interested in a big, happy, red golden to love???

(PS If you didn’t know, I am named after the University of Iowa mascot, Herky Hawk.  But when I run through the yard, my foster family thinks “Go Big Red”!)