21-27 Wally 21-27

Adopted by:
Jim & Robin

Hello everyone!  My name is Wally and I am an 7 year old golden doodle!     I was recently adopted by my foster parents, Robin and Jim. I had my 7th birthday two days after entering their home as a foster dog, and boy did they celebrate ME!  I decided right then and there that this was going to be a great home for me!  I am so glad that they agreed! I just love to sit on my dad, Jim’s lap….I think I am a lap dog – even though I weigh 65 pounds!

I enjoy a good game of fetch and will even let go of the ball…sometimes. My new parents buy me plenty of toys, but my favorite toy has got to be a SOCK! I don’t chew them up, but I sure like to carry them around the house.  I will gladly give them back when asked, but then I will go find another one, because – well that’s just one of the things that I do!

I just love my humans…..and their couch, but mostly the combination of the two. I am in heaven on the couch with my humans cuddling me and they seem to be happy to oblige. This is definitely a match made in heaven for me!