22-01 Ringo (formerly Diego) 22-01

Adopted by:
Andrew & Erin

DIEGO has great news….  OOPS, I mean RINGO has great news. I found my fur-ever home AND I have a new name: RINGO. My new family changed my name to RINGO because I reminded them of the “FAB FOUR”: long, floppy, moppy, hair. I have been so busy since being with my new family: I met the neighbor’s two labs and we run back and forth along the fence line (we became instant fur-buddies); we go for daily walks, and one day, we took a hike (with my new frisbie) in the newly fresh snow where there were so many new scents. There was a party for my dad, and I was the life of the party…of course, I was on my best behavior and the perfect host!

But, my favorite time is when I’m playing and snuggling with my two human sisters and one human brother. Like the original Ringo would say…”Ya, Ya, Ya” I really do have the very best life! I want to thank my original mom and dad who thought I was the cutest, white, little puppy; but, soon realized I needed more activity than what they could give me. Also, to my wonderful GRRIN foster home where I had two fur-buddies to play with and two human sisters who really liked me. When my new family first met me, they knew I would be perfect for their family. For only being eight months old, I’m really fortunate to have so many people who really cared and wanted the very best life for me. MANY PAWS THANKS