24-17 Bailey 24-17

9 year-old Female

Meet Bailey, an affectionate 9-year-old golden retriever who’s looking for her forever home. Despite her age, Bailey is still quite active and loves to go on walks, car rides, and play fetch. Throw a ball, and she’ll chase it down with the enthusiasm of a puppy!

Bailey is the epitome of sweetness and is sure to win you over in no time. This smart girl knows her commands too; she can sit, stay, come, and lay down on cue. Bailey will thrive best as the only dog in the home, as she likes having her space to herself.

If you’re looking for a loyal walking buddy, a snuggle partner for movie nights, or a furry friend to greet you with a wagging tail every day, Bailey is your girl. She’s ready to bring a lot of love and happiness into her forever family’s life.