24-18 Pauly 24-18

2 year-old Male

We are pleased to introduce this beautiful blonde Golden boy, Pauly. Pauly just turned two in June and he is a very polite, amenable young boy. The resident dogs in his foster home keep him busy, and he does a good job of keeping up with them. He was surrendered because his previous owner was moving for his job and could not take Pauly with him.

Pauly has shown he can walk well with a harness on, likes to take a dip in the pool (where he is allowed to do so with supervision), play ball, and run around his big back yard with the two resident dogs. He plays well with the dogs, but really loves the attention of his people and would gladly spend all his time with them being scratched and loved on, if they would accommodate him.

Pauly is quite a tall boy and with some remaining puppy energy. It is felt that to avoid any unintentional accidents, a home with children over the age 8 (but 10 would be better) would be a requirement. He would also do well with an active, single person that is willing to include him in as many activities as possible.

Pauly is a loveable, agreeable, sweet boy looking for someone to spoil and someone to spoil him. He is not yet ready for adoption, but will be soon!

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