18-02 Lady 18-02

Adopted by:
Paul & Sharon

Lady has been adopted! Stay tuned for her “furever” tail!

Lady is as happy and playful as ever. She has been tested to try to identify possible causes for her thinness. So far, the consensus seems to be she has an aging digestive system that has slowed down her metabolism that converts food. Lady is consistently sweet and cheerful, loves to go for walks, fetch toys, and rides very well in the car. She likes cats. She is engaging and likeable and will make a wonderful companion for a less active adopter who appreciates the special qualities of senior Goldens.

Sweet and petite and cheerful, this senior (10 year old) dog has plenty of zip for a game (or two or three) of fetch. Lady gets along with dogs, cats, and people, but not with chickens. She will do best around older children. She walks nicely on a leash and has excellent house training. Lady does not chew on inappropriate items, but can be a counter thief in the kitchen. She uses the “pleading eyes” technique of begging for samples from the cook or goodies from the table. Lady’s foster family is being very disciplined about not rewarding her begging.

Lady came to GRRIN as a very thin dog so we are working on weight gain. Because of her age, she has had several health assessments (eyes, thyroid, blood) and appears to be in good shape. She is being provided with a couple of over-the-counter supplements. She will make a sweet and playful companion. Although she gets along great with the children in her foster home, she would also be a great match for an older but active person.