Bo & Bella 13-42 & 13-44

Adopted by:
Seth, Erika and Shiloh (09-02)

Hi guys! It’s me Bo, reporting in for Bella and I. We came to GRRIN right before Christmas because our family had to move and couldn’t take us. We were sad, but luckily had each other to rely on as we adjusted to our foster home. We quickly learned the routine with Seth and Erika. They put us on a diet though because we had a little extra weight, but did you know that green beans are really yummy? GRRIN spent several months trying to find the right home for us, but everyone finally realized that we’d been home the whole time! On April 22, Seth, Erika and Shiloh officially adopted us and we love it here. We go on a lot of car rides and our grandparents take care of us and walk us while mom and dad are at work. Everyone asks if we are Golden Retrievers or Labs (we’re mixes of the two) but Seth and Erika say we have Golden hearts. Thanks to everyone at GRRIN who helped us make this Happy Tail come true!

Bo & Bella happy tail

Time for a BELLY RUB!