15-09 Leroy 15-09

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Leroy had a seamless transition and seems so happy and content here. He loves a quick walk in the morning before work, then naps on the couch all day long. As soon as I leave he hops up on the couch and sticks his nose up against the window to watch me leave; it breaks my heart every morning!! In the afternoons we take nice long walks and play in the backyard. Sometimes we play dress up (he’s got a pretty sweet lumberjack vest, too) but he’s not as fond of that. He makes a pretty cute Santa though!

Leroy is the sweetest oldie golden I have ever met. He loves holding hands and gives little kisses every once in a while. Everyone who meets him says what a great, relaxed dog he is. I am so thankful to GRRIN for giving me my new best buddy.

Leroy 15-09 happy tail Leroy 15-09 happy tail 4 Leroy 15-09 happy tail 3   15-09 Leroy 2