21-03 Sam 21-03

Adopted by:
Jon & Sue

I am home!!  It feels so good!

I was a scared little girl when I came to stay at my GRRIN foster home. What a changed girl I am now!  I became very secure and confident with myself at my foster home. Mom and Dad helped me over my fears. One of my favorite things to do was to “counter surf” which I still try to do. I have taught Mom and Dad to keep food out of my reach! I have wormed my way into their hearts and they have fallen in love with me. I am quite the snuggly dog I am told. I am officially part of the family and I even have a fur brother, Harley.  We love to play a lot, especially outside, where we can chase each other all around the big yard. I love to try to follow the squirrels up the tree, which I have not mastered yet.

I want to thank all of my GRRIN friends that have helped me realize that I was already home!

Yours truly, Sammi