Thanks to everyone who came out to meet and greet at Growl-O-Ween!  GRRIN volunteers saw some amazing canine costumes.  Foster dogs Dan and Leroy were able to attend along with adopted GRRIN dog Greta.

Growloween 2015 - DanGrowloween 2015 - Leroy Growloween 2015 - Dan growloween2015-3Growloween 2015- Greta

When: Saturday, October 24th, 10am-1pm
Where: Three Dog Bakery @ Midtown Crossing  –  30th and Farnam Streets

For more information, visit the website:

Pirate Dog word bubble

Thanks for Joining GRRIN for Pups on the Patio

Thanks for Attending Pups on the Patio - Rick Fox - Post ImageThank you to everyone who came out to Pups on the Patio in memory of Rick Fox a few weeks ago.  The patio was packed with dogs and their humans, the weather was beautiful, and a great time was had by all.

GRRIN lost a dear friend and supporter with Rick’s passing.  Rick and his wife Shelly adopted Norman in 2008.  Norman was a dog that came from Kansas and had survived a tornado; he and Shelly loved that Norman and their sheepdog Stella were such good friends.  Stella passed away and a new Golden puppy Marge came in and is giving Norman a run for his money.

When volunteers were looking for a site to hold GRRIN’s fundraiser Kibble ‘n Bids in 2011, they reached out to Rick to see if he would help.  He didn’t hesitate to open up Julio’s and took great care of us that year and in 2012.  Many GRRIN meetings and social gatherings were held at Julio’s over the past few years.  Rick was always there to greet everyone, especially the Goldens.  Julio’s has every intention of continuing its involvement with GRRIN and hopes to see everyone there soon!

Here are some photos from the event

Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - Cindy with Sandy

Sandy got adopted!

Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - Sandy Adoption Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - Pet me Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - Family Photo Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - eating and talkingAlso, a little insight into the process of trying to get 13 dogs to line up!

Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 1 Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 2 Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 3 Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 4 Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 5Someday we’ll get them into a perfect line! Until then, we’ll just love them for the wonderful animals and members of our families that they are.

Omaha Gives Results

Omaha Gives Thank You- 2015 SliderThank you GRRIN supporters for your outstanding participation in Omaha Gives! Preliminary numbers show that we met our goal and raised $5032 just before midnight with the help of several last-minute donors. Your donations will help us cover extraordinary medical care needed for GRRIN foster dogs.

Thanks also to the humans and canines who braved the cold and came out to Julio’s to celebrate Omaha’s biggest giving day!  Foster dog Goldie, and adopted dogs Ellie and Belle, thought the temperature was perfect – check out those smiles!

Omaha Gives Yappy Hour 4 Omaha Gives Yappy Hour 3 Omaha Gives Yappy Hour 2 Omaha Gives Yappy Hour 1

Golden Retrievers Research Study


Seeking Golden Retrievers Newly Diagnosed with Lymphoma

Veterinarians at the University of Missouri, Colorado State University, and Texas A&M University seek Golden Retrievers with a new diagnosis of lymphoma for an important research study. Goldens with lymphoma that has not yet been treated with chemotherapy or prednisone and who do not have elevated blood calcium may receive a diagnostic biopsy and flow cytometry analysis of their tumor at no cost for the procedures. Dogs must be evaluated at one of the participating Universities.

This study seeks to classify B cell lymphomas more thoroughly and will provide information to the owner that is valuable in making clinical decisions. It also seeks to determine the underlying alterations in the tumor cells to provide clues for cause and for new therapeutic approaches. Standard consultation fees apply, but eligible dogs will receive these two tests at no cost, and clients will learn within a week if their dog’s lymphoma is T or B cell.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please contact the appropriate University at the number below and ask to speak to the clinical trials coordinator:

University of Missouri: 573-882-7821

Colorado State University: 970-297-5000

Texas A&M: 979-845-2351

This trial is jointly funded by the AKC Canine Health Foundation and the Golden Retriever Foundation.

From the GRCA Research Facilitator or 330-338-4236

In Memory of Deb Walz

GRRIN has lost a dear friend. Debra L Walz passed September 17th, 2014, and our hearts are with her husband Dan and loving family. Deb had many talents, but the one we know best is her passion for Golden Retrievers. She was a loyal volunteer, former member of the GRRIN Board of Directors, strong supporter, and fierce advocate for Goldens in need. Meeting Deb at the Rainbow Bridge were Woita, Shammy, Max, Sophie, and Selka. Gunner and Sasha remain with Dan.

Deb Walz
Deb Walz 3 Deb Walz 4 Deb Walz 5 Deb Walz 6

Goldline Volunteers Needed!

Header Photo - Goldline Volunteers

GRRIN is looking to train a few new volunteers to man our phone line, also known as the Goldline. Our Goldline coordinator sets up a regular schedule and each volunteer checks the phone messages for a few days a month, returning calls and interviewing people who want to surrender a Golden or adopt one.

If you are able to fill out forms using your computer, have time to check messages during your volunteer days, and would like to be on the front lines of rescue, please consider being part of this very important team!

Contact us at for more information.