To be eligible to adopt one of our Golden Retrievers, you must live in Eastern Nebraska (no farther than 50 miles west of Kearney, NE) or Western Iowa (no farther east than Atlantic, IA).

Before contacting GRRIN:

  • Do you have a physical fence and is the fence attached to your home so that a dog can safely access the yard?
  • Do you plan to keep the dog inside when you are not at home?
  • Do you plan to have the dog live inside the house and be a part of the family?
  • Can you afford to spend upwards of $1500 per year to cover the standard medical costs for a large dog which include year-round heartworm/parasite treatment, annual vaccinations, and emergency vet expenses?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, a GRRIN dog might not be the right fit for your family.

We do not have an online application – please learn more about our adoption process by reading the information on this page, then leave a message on our Goldline at 402-330-6680. A volunteer will return your call. Be prepared to spend at least 30 minutes to answer questions. We do not guarantee the availability of our foster dogs.

Adoptable Goldens come from a variety of sources, including dogs abandoned or found as strays, dogs confiscated for abuse or neglect, dogs surrendered to animal shelters or veterinarians, and dogs voluntarily surrendered by their owners. Prior to adoption, dogs are evaluated for adoptability, which includes assessing their physical condition, temperament and behavior. Dogs placed in new homes by GRRIN are recognizable as Golden Retrievers and have been spayed or neutered. Dogs will be current on vaccinations, tested for heartworms and intestinal parasites, and will have received all other needed medical treatment prior to adoption.

GRRIN will not disclose the identities of the surrendering owner or the adopter to one another. All pertinent information regarding a dog’s physical condition, temperament and behavior will be shared with prospective adopters by the dog’s caseworker and foster family.

GRRIN’s network for sheltering, rehabilitating and placing Golden Retrievers into permanent homes is centered around our foster home program. Prospective adopters can rest assured knowing GRRIN has committed much time and energy to caring for all of our dogs in a family setting. Foster care continues as long as necessary, allowing GRRIN time to find the perfect, permanent home for each dog.

Adoption fees are $500 for dogs under 8 and $200 for a dog 8 or more years old, effective June 1, 2023.

People interested in adopting are interviewed via telephone and again at their home during a visit by a GRRIN volunteer. This interview and visit focus on an applicant’s ability to humanely and responsibly care for a Golden including feeding, medical care, housing, supervision and companionship of the dog. All family members must be in support of a dog adoption because a Golden Retriever loves to be with people and be part of a family. It is important to note that the adoption process may take several months, and if the prospective owner lives outside the Omaha/Lincoln metro area, perhaps longer.

Physical fencing is required by GRRIN; invisible fencing is NOT acceptable because it does not provide a reliable barrier either to restrain the Golden or to prevent other animals from entering the yard. GRRIN also requires all applicants to agree to house their dog inside the home and keep the dog inside whenever they are away from the premises. GRRIN’s “indoor while gone policy” is a key part of our mission to promote responsible pet ownership.

GRRIN’s ultimate goal is to make the perfect match for each Golden and family; therefore, much attention is given to understanding the needs of both. Our adoption coordinator matches people with dogs after thoroughly discussing the needs of both with the dog’s caseworker, foster family, and the approved prospective owner.

A first meeting is arranged between the dog and the prospective owner, usually at the foster family’s home where the dog is in a comfortable environment. Prospective owners must wait 24 hours after this meeting before deciding if they wish to adopt the dog. If everyone agrees that the dog’s new “forever home” has been found, the delivery of the dog is arranged. Prospective owners are required to sign an adoption contract with GRRIN and pay our adoption fee at the time of transfer.

Once you adopt a dog from GRRIN, you’ll have access to information resources, social activities and many other Golden lovers supporting you. Knowledgeable members answer questions about the care, training and personality of Goldens, and can refer new owners to other reputable sources of information.

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