In Memory

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In Memory of Nell 10-14, adopted by Kevin and Dora

It is with deep sadness and a very broken heart that we are letting you know our Nelly (GRRIN # 10-14) has left earth to become a new member in Heaven. Nelly was set free of her arthritis pain and her seizures.  Unfortunately, her seizures occurred more frequently over the last several months and took longer for her to recover each time. She would be happy and joyful one day and then completely devastated by a seizure the next several days. During her last seizure, she was barely able to stand or walk and lost interest doing her favorite things … Continue reading

In Memory of Briley 13-31

It is the saddest of experiences of life to lose a beloved dog. It has often happened as I go on living, my companions fall ill to old age and disease. Briley came to us from GRRIN to join our happy family. We are a senior retired couple with a mixed terrier who thinks he owns the house. But Spot was willing to have a new sister join us. Sally loves Golden Retrievers, and it was her turn to have the dog she wanted. I like to rescue Border Collies, but I opened my heart to Sally’s choice. Briley fit … Continue reading

The Best “Bad” Dog

Carly was our  family’s fourth Golden Retriever and the best ‘bad’ dog we had.  She was in heat, not house-trained, full of worms, and functionally blind when she arrived. I agreed to take her because my husband was in declining health and missed our most recent dog, Molly, deeply. Carly did provide the love every Golden brings, but she was a destroyer too. She did in three leashes, one pair of shoes, one winter jacket, one dog bed, and many items snatched off the counter–mostly fruit and veggies, but also one bag of bread flour. Carly captured our hearts, however. … Continue reading

In memory of Sandy 15-08

Sandy came to her GRRIN foster home June 25, 2015: she was extremely overweight and could only walk about 10 steps and then had to lay down. Within a month, she lost 10 pounds and got a haircut…this was the beginning of Sandy’s new life. She continued to walk and build strength and endurance. Soon, she lost another 10 pounds and walking became the highlight of her day. In July 2015, I failed foster 101 and adopted her; she was nine years old. She was very independent…she did what she wanted to do and reluctantly did what she was asked … Continue reading

In Memory of Harley 10-82

It is with very heavy hearts that we said goodbye to our sweet Harley. We adopted him from GRRIN in 2011. He was 2 years old at the time. He fit right into our family, it was love at first sight! In 2015 he suffered from a spinal embolism and was not able to support his weight, stand, or walk. Although we were told that his odds of recovering were not good, we believed in our hearts that he could recover from this tragic medical event. We slowly strengthened his legs by getting him in the pool and doing exercises … Continue reading

In memory of Max 19-37

On May 16, 2022 I said goodbye to my best boy, Max. I joined GRRIN in July of 2019 and accepted two fosters in October of that year. Max (my sweet golden) and Bubba (an equally sweet black lab) were found in less than optimal conditions near Kansas City. The man that found them contacted GRRIN about taking the pair. Soon, Max and Bubba were on their way to Lincoln. They were not only my first fosters with GRRIN, they were my first dogs as an adult. I grew up with dogs but had never had one since coming to … Continue reading

In memory of Remie 14-16

We adopted Remie (GRRIN #14-16) on September 1st, 2014.  He was 1 ½ years old.  Remie was a giant red boy who had to be the center of attention.  Weighing in at a healthy 107 lbs, he was the biggest golden we have ever met.  And his heart was even bigger.  More than anything else, Remie just wanted to love and be loved by people.  He joined our family when our children were ages 3, 6, and 8, and he spent 7 ½ wonderful years as our beloved family member. Remie was, as Jon Katz would say, a “lifetime dog,” … Continue reading

In Memory of Molly 11-29

It is with a broken heart that I write to inform you that we said goodbye to our sweet Molly 11-29 on October 30, 2021. Molly came to us in 2011, shy and unsure of her role in life. With the help of her Golden sister Summer, Molly slowly learned how to be a happy dog. She enjoyed walks, treats, and constant attention. She was my Velcro dog, my shadow, my once in a lifetime dog. She had to constantly have a paw or her head on me at all times in order to to feel content. When Molly met … Continue reading

In memory of Cheeto 13-12

On May 11, 2021, our best boy Cheeto crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  His courage was admirable. He survived intestinal cancer and tolerated repeated ultra sounds and X-rays for three years. Then, never letting on that just a few months following a checkup cancer had returned. This time it was a fast-growing tumor that consumed his abdomen. We hope all who loved him (and it was a lot of people) will remember all the good times he gave us. Cheeto loved company, someone new to pet and admire him. He loved winter, snow, a dip in the pool, and opening presents. … Continue reading

In Memory of Sadie 11-18

It is with sadness that we inform you that Sadie a-k-a Clementine began her next journey on Saturday, January 16, 2021. She was supported and comforted by her human family and will be greatly missed. Sadie came to our family on July 15, 2011 and brought with her amazing energy and unwavering devotion. Nobody knew how old Sadie was at that time; however, our veterinarian’s best approximation was 3+ years. That said, we were blessed to spend nearly ten wonderful years with Sadie and she is remembered daily. She may be gone from our daily lives, but her adventures, loyalty … Continue reading

In memory of Abby 12-29

When Abby first walked up the ramp into our home, we thought, “Oh, my!” She appeared to have significant arthritis and much difficulty walking.  But we also thought, “She has such a sweet face!” Abby was 14 years old when she arrived, and had been returned to GRRIN three times, through no fault of her own. The first night, we thought we’d let her sleep anywhere she wanted — she’d be exhausted. I was not yet under the covers when I heard a high-pitched “YIP!” — and the sound of her hobbling down the hallway. That was the beginning of … Continue reading

In memory of Sam 12-15

RIP Samwise Doggee, 9/20/2008 – 7/30/2020. 

You came to us from GRRIN without a fancy name like Zoey had, just Sam 12-something for your Dog That Year rescued, but we ended up calling you all sorts of things and we’re going to miss you hard. We adopted Sam in 2012; he was one of two Sams that year. Today osteosarcoma finally caught up with him, but he was a good-natured gentleman to the very end. Cancer is stupid and dogs should never leave. Pablo Neruda has a good poem on this, which reads in part: “[M]y dog used to gaze … Continue reading

In Memory of Goldie

Our beloved Goldie crossed over the rainbow bridge on 5-18-2020. Her unexpected passing caused by fluid surrounding and putting pressure on her heart has shaken us. But we find comfort knowing she had a long and love-filled life. We acquired Goldie from GRRIN when she was 4 years old and we enjoyed the pleasure of her company for the last 9 years. She was without a doubt a typical “velcro Golden,” never having enough pets from her loving humans! She always let us know when it was dinner time, and she loved her daily walks around the park. Goldie was … Continue reading

In memory of Zoey 19-20

I’d like to say that to know Zoey was to love her, but truly that would be doing her a disservice, just to meet her was enough to make you a fall in love. Zoey was our first foster and boy was she a doozy! Our plan wasn’t to fall in love with her, the plan was to have her a couple weeks, perhaps a tad longer due to the fact that she had a small mast tumor on her paw that would require surgery and recovery time. Originally we set up a visit to see how she fit in and if we thought we would be able to handle her needs…. and by the end … Continue reading

In memory of Jack 09-05

This morning, with very heavy hearts, we said a final goodbye to our best boy, Jack. We found Jack through Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska (GRRIN). The story is that he and his sister were found on the side of the road near Nebraska City, where they were huddled inside a deer carcass trying to stay warm. When I applied for a dog through GRRIN at the end of 2008, I wasn’t looking for a puppy — in fact, I had specifically requested an older dog. In January 2009, the folks at GRRIN called and asked me to reconsider. They … Continue reading

In Memory of Snoopy (Toby) 11-04

On 4/23/2011 GRRIN blessed us with this 1 ½ year-old gentle, lovable, giant red dog that immediately stole our hearts and changed our lives forever. Originally named Toby, his GRRIN foster dad renamed him Snoopy due to his habit of always poking his big head in every open cabinet, drawer, closet or refrigerator door. For the first several weeks with us he appeared to be very shy. We did not hear a peep out of him. We began to wonder if he even knew how to bark. But one day when we apparently were not paying enough attention to him, … Continue reading

In memory of Odie 09-01

We wanted to let you know of Odie’s passing. He passed peacefully early this morning. On Saturday we noticed that Odie was not eating and seemed lethargic. We took him into the vet and found that he had a splenic tumor that had spread to other parts of his body. There were multiple masses around his kidneys and he had lots of fluid build up in his body. With his age, surgery was not a great option as it would not have done him any good. But we want to thank you. Thank you for giving us Odie. He has … Continue reading

In memory of Nicki 11-22

I thought she might live forever! But as we all sadly know-that does not happen. I was lucky to adopt Nicki when she was 6 in July of 2011 and I reluctantly said goodbye to her on August 16 2019 when she was almost 15 years old – 14 years, 9 months, 15 days.  I guess for a dog that IS forever! It was cancer that ultimately took her. Arthritis, fused discs and spondylosis only slowed her down. She had been in 2 homes in her early life in Lincoln before she was an “honorary” GRRIN dog. You could tell … Continue reading

In Memory of Mozart 12-34

Mozart crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 5/5/19. He was such a happy and playful fellow that he gave no indications of the large amount of cancer growing inside him until his breathing became labored. Examination revealed cancer in the liver, spleen, and lung. He had successfully recovered from removal of a mast cell two years previously. He was such an integral and precious member of our family that he will be sorely missed for a long time and in our hearts forever. He went everywhere with us and especially enjoyed our camping trips and playing ball in the yard. The … Continue reading

In Memory of Molly 2010

Molly captured our hearts at one a half years old with her loveable personality and wagging tail. We knew she was the right Golden Retriever for us. We adopter her at GRRIN’s annual Gold Rush on Sunday, October 24, 2010, and we have loved her for the past seven and a half years. Molly was a delight from the first moment we met; such a sweetheart, so well behaved, chewed only her toys and Nylabones, and loved to fetch tennis balls. She could actually retrieve and carry three balls in her mouth at once! She loved to go for a … Continue reading

In memory of Heber 10-08

Dear Golden Retriever Rescue of Nebraska, We are so sad to share that our beloved Heber (10-08) passed away on February 6th. Our family misses him beyond what we can express. He was just a few days short of 12 years of age. Thank you to all the volunteers that made bringing Heber into our family a reality. He was a true blessing to us! Our family is forever grateful! With Love, Annie H. and Family

In Memory of Gunner 09-42

Gunner made the decision to adopt us in October 2009 while he was being fostered with GRRIN and we could not have been more honored to have been able to spend these last nine years with this wonderfully kind and gentle spirit. Gunner always enjoyed the finer things in life. He was your proverbial “chow-hound” as food was his first, but not his only love. This warm-hearted fellow never missed a meal and did his best to partake in everyone else’s dining experience. Gunner’s fondness for food led to a passion for naps. This boy loved to sleep and you … Continue reading

In Memory of Gidgit 05-44

In October 2005, Gidgit, a beautiful, 2 year old GRRIN golden retriever chose us as “her people”. As “her people”, we were graced with 13 years (yes, she lived to be 15 years old) of immeasurable devotion and love from an energetic, a sometimes ditzy, blonde golden. The word that best described Gidgit was “happy”. In almost every memory, Gidgit has that playful golden smile and a tail whipping at light speed. She was probably the happiest when she ran. Every witness to her giving chase (she only chased and never caught, so not end the game) marveled at her … Continue reading

In memory of Roscoe 09-44

Our faithful, wonderful, good boy Roscoe, who joined our family in October 2009, crossed the rainbow bridge at 1:30am on 9/10. He passed with his whole family’s support and hands petting him, and we know he went knowing he was loved. We were so blessed to have him in our family and miss his wagging tail every day. The day after he passed, a beautiful, complete rainbow stretched from one end of town to the next and we know he was telling us he is OK. Read Roscoe’s original adoption story here.

In memory of Major 10-40

It is with great sadness we are writing to inform you our dog we adopted from GRRIN died last Friday, October 26, 2018. He was 13 1/2 years old. We enjoyed every minute he was part of our family. He will remain forever in our hearts. Bob & Ann Here is Major’s original adoption story from 2010: Hey everyone, this is Max! Or, you’re welcome to refer to me as Major, my nickname courtesy of my awesome forever family. I think I’ve heard them mention something about folks around here having military experience. Not to brag but, as major, I … Continue reading

In memory of Lady 18-02

It is with great sadness that I send this message, we said goodbye to our lovely Lady on September 29th. In the three-plus months she came to her forever home she brought us so much happiness. Thank you for putting us together but it was only meant to be for a short stay. After taking her to our veterinarian, she took x-rays which showed an enlarged liver, and recommended taking Lady home and loving her since her age and weight were a factor in doing surgery. She brought laughter and noise back into our home; playing fetch, taking walks, and … Continue reading

In Memory of Sam 11-35

We adopted Sam in August 2013 from GRRIN. We all agree he was the best dog ever! Our beloved Sammie was found to have cancer this summer. He had been coughing a bit and was not his usual energetic self. He had tumors in his chest and spleen. We gave him extra special love and he passed away a few weeks later, in August 2018 at 7 1/2 years old. Thanks to GRRIN for our special buddy, Sam. We miss him so much. The Rock Family

In Memory of Abby 11-34

Sadly, another GRRIN Golden has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Abby 11-34 passed away quickly this evening from a cardiac event. She went downhill very quickly. Our hearts are broken and our home feels too quiet and empty… emotions raw. Age 9 seems too young to be taken from us. We gave her 6 wonderful years of love and spoiled her. She made life Golden for us, brightened the worst days.  — with Michaela Hough and John Hough.

In Memory of Farley 10-49

Farley Brown (Adopted 5/20/11 – July 3, 2018) When GRRIN rescued Farley from a puppy mill, they brought home a terrified, skittish boy. When Farley rescued Gary, Gary had lost his beloved wife who had served for many years as a GRRIN volunteer. Gary was asked to visit Farley at the foster home in hopes that they might be a match for each other.  When Gary arrived at the foster home, Farley did something remarkable and totally out of character.  Farley came out of hiding and did a “sit” right next to Gary’s leg giving voice that he had just … Continue reading

In Memory of Greta Lilly Garbo 10-48

GRETA LILLY GARBO 8-11-2007 TO 3-12-2018 It is so very hard to lose your best friend. Greta Lilly went from a terrified puppy mill mamma to a beautiful, trusting, shy baby girl in the 8 short years that I had her and I was proud to call her mine.       She was my buddy, my shadow, my Pet CPR Demo Dog, my best friend…my Sweet Pea.             Greta loved other dogs, I think she loved Rocky–this was their first date… …and yes, even her feline sister, Goldie.             … Continue reading

In Memory of Alvin 12-31

We lost our beloved Alvin this past weekend. He was truly a very special member of our family. He was an incredible dog that loved being with his people, carrying his stuffed animals around the house and has left our home incredibly empty. We only had the privilege of loving him for four short years; sadly, he lost his life to lymphoma. Thank you for allowing us to adopt him!

In Memory of Angus 10-46

My precious Angus crossed to the Rainbow Bridge on March 4, 2018.  He was born in May, 2008 and was adopted on September 19, 2010.  He was the love of my life.  Always happy and had a smile on his face.  His time here was so short, but he loved life, loved to play with his football  and go for car rides.  His passing came as such a shock, he was fine on Saturday, playing hard, never showing any signs of not feeling well, but on Sunday after breakfast, he laid down and didn’t want to get up and his … Continue reading

In Memory of Bailey 12-05

We adopted Bailey over five years ago at age 8 or 9. Sadly, one week ago she crossed the rainbow bridge after giving us 5 years of unconditional love and friendship. We wanted to share our story with other Golden owners. When we first met Bailey at the Bookworm, he could hardly move-he weighed 119 lbs. He looked like a golden coffee table! He also had patches of hair gone all over his body from having had benign tumors removed while in foster care. We fell in love with him and over a few months he became more active and … Continue reading

In Memory of Holly 14-30

HOLLY’S STORY “The Garage Door Has Closed For The Last Time.” I suppose that’s an unusual way to start a memorial story. A little history about Holly’s rescue may help. Barb and Dennis drove to Iowa to get Holly. Her original owners had her since she was a puppy, and Holly (then Angel) was a companion to the woman who was wheelchair-bound. There were many pictures in the house of the woman and Angel. Sadly, the woman died when Holly was about 7 years old. Now, the man was ill and in hospice. Holly needed a new home at age … Continue reading

In Memory of Sammie 07-06

Our Sammie is gone.  We always called him our special child.  But Sam was as smart as the next dog.  The reason he hesitated to do things and didn’t do what we expected was simply because he was so timid.  That was obvious when he came to our house.  It all started because of bitterly cold Nebraska weather.  It seemed cruel to make Sammie (then called Rodney) spend any more nights in the outdoor kennel at the shelter.  So I made the decision to get him before the transport to GRRIN was scheduled.  That was my undoing. When I went … Continue reading

In Memory of Lucy 15-07

It is with heavy hearts we write to inform GRRIN that Lucy (15-07) recently crossed the rainbow bridge. Although she was only with us for a few short years, she had a lasting impact on our lives. Her gentle soul was loved by everyone who crossed her path. She always enjoyed her walks around the neighborhood with her sister Lacey and couldn’t get enough of playing fetch. Thank you GRRIN for allowing us to adopt Lucy and being able to share the last two years with her. Sincerely, Tony, Jessica, Sutton and Graham

In Memory of Chloe 08-38

Chloe joined our family shortly before she turned 5 years old. She was surrendered due to severe hip dysplasia. A vet evaluation and x-ray indicated her hips both needed replaced. However, prior to proceeding with surgery it was recommended we try a more conservative approach. Chloe went from walking less than a block to more than a mile with the support of joint supplements, anti-inflammatory medications & acupuncture. Increasing exercise and monitoring her diet lead to a 20# weight loss, down to her ideal weight of 50#. She was able to avoid hip replacement & kept her own hips for … Continue reading

In memory of Daisy 13-04 and Ginger 14-36

This year of 2017 has been a tough year for our family. Our sweet Daisy #13-04 and spunky Ginger #14-36  have both recently “Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge” to meet all of our other animals that have preceded them. Daisy was 14 and Ginger 13 and they both came to live with us when they were 10. It might not seem like they were here very long, but they sure had a good life while they were here, and gave us so much love. Daisy came to us when all of a sudden one of our dogs died and our … Continue reading

In memory of Cody 09-04

Bill and his wife adopted Cody in June of 2009. After many happy years with his new family, Cody crossed the rainbow bridge on October 3, 2017.  

In memory of Tye 07-42

Hello, I wanted to follow up and thank you for allowing us to adopt Tye, GRRIN Number 07-42 in September of 2007. We learned from GRRIN that he had been abused, had his vocal chords clipped and was malnourished by his previous owner. We loved him from the start and he blossomed. Tye was such a joy to our family and his fur-brother, Tucker, our Lab. He was a loving, fun, sweet and silly addition for us. He loved to play ball and give kisses more than anything. Tye was affectionate and loved by everyone he met. He was so … Continue reading

Miss Charity 10-03

Charity was one of those precious jewels that come along if one is lucky. The picture I enclosed was her favorite past-time. She would kill for a tummy rub! There was never any doubt who ran our household, everything revolved around her, just the way she wanted it. A fresh snow was better than Disney Land! I’ve been fortunate to have three such GRRIN dogs. Charity, Amber Dawn and Chloe, all three were the sweetest things on this planet. I have another dog already, not a GRRIN dog, I have moved and no longer would qualify, i.e. no fenced-in yard, … Continue reading

In Memory of Khiloh 11-49 & Kensie 11-50

We are so sad to share that Kensie and Khiloh crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently. Both of these girls were such a blessing to our family and came to us in such a special way. In 2011 we began our search for a new four legged family member only a year after losing our 1st Golden. We were only looking for one dog at the time. I had a dream one night about finding the perfect dog and being told that if I wanted the dog in my dream, she needed to be with another dog. In my dream I … Continue reading

In Memory of Nala 16-16

Nala – 11 years It is with such a heavy heart to let you all know that we needed to say goodbye to NALA on July 24, 2017. She was surrounded by friends that helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge to be with all of our other Goldens and fur babies we have come to be without on this earth. Nala came to GRRIN a year ago with a lion cut, and a funny walk, and then she promptly walked into our hearts forever. Nala will be missed by her 7 year old Golden brother Marley and her 16 year … Continue reading

Maia 04-02

GRRIN Golden Maia Has Earned Her Angel Wings We lost a beautiful being today loved by so many – our sweet, gentle and loving Golden Retriever/Brittany, Maia. She was a beloved member of our family, a cherished friend, cuddle buddy, jogging partner, Rocky Mountain Park hiker, anxiety reliever, bunny chaser. We are sad beyond what we thought sad could feel like. Thank you for all who loved her because she loved you back. Special thanks to neighbors Jean and Randy L. who were always there when she needed them, Jean B. for bringing her into our life, and to the … Continue reading

Salute to Arthur (10-83)

Our Arthur story began in the fall of 2010, when we were living in Omaha. Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska (GRRIN) had a record number of goldens waiting for foster homes. My wife, Karen, suggested we get qualified as a foster home and help GRRIN in their noble work. We had adopted a golden before through GRRIN and knew the value of the program.We took the plunge and quickly qualified as foster parents for GRRIN. We anxiously awaited the phone call telling us GRRIN had a foster golden for us. While we waited we told ourselves that this effort was … Continue reading

In Memory of Grissom 11-03

In Memory of Grissom Throener We lost our 10.5 year old boy last month to a very rapid-growing cancer; but that’s just the end of his story and not the most important part. The heart of his story was the five and a half years we remember so joyfully. As a 20 year member of GRRIN, I have always said there are wonderful dogs in rescue. Grissom and his sister, Casey, are shining examples of this. Grissom was true to his name, taken from the original CSI series, and like his namesake he was socially awkward and found bugs important … Continue reading

In Memory of Buddy

In fall of 2006, I asked for the impossible. I asked for GRRIN to find me the perfect dog. One who was mellow, good with kids and cats, didn’t chew, didn’t dig, didn’t bark incessantly, was house trained, and on and on. And you found him. At the time, he was named Robbie. We renamed him Buddy. He was 2.5 years old. He was fostered by Julie. We hoped to get him by our son’s 11th birthday, and we did. Buddy was the perfect dog in every sense we could think of. We adored him, as did our cats. Many nights … Continue reading

In Memory of Katie

Sadly, GRRIN dog Katie 05-36 crossed the bridge on February 10th. She was adopted in December of 2014 by her foster mom, Kate. Katie was first adopted in 2005, but her loving owners had to give her up due to circumstances beyond their control. Kate kindly kept in touch with them to share Katie’s life. Due to Kate’s significant volunteer work with GRRIN, Katie became lead dog in charge of the new foster dogs that traveled through the house; she did a wonderful job showing everyone the ropes and will be greatly missed.  

In Memory of Kandi

The Bridge just got a little louder…. I am heartbroken to share that Kandi got her wings this morning. Her spirit was there, but her body didn’t follow. I will share more when I’m able, but wanted to add one of my favorite pictures of her that showed her pure love for life. Thank you all for loving her and me. Like I told her every night for 4 years and not quite 3 months… I love you, and thanks for letting me be your mom.   ~Theresa You can read more about Kandi, who became a GRRIN ambassador through her … Continue reading

In Memory of Mama Dog

  Sometimes it’s the small gains, and knowing you made a difference. We had 4 years with Mama, aka Angel 13-09. In March almost 4 years ago, we took her in through GRRIN, scared and about to have puppies. She had a noble name, “Dakota Lady”, and had likely produced puppies for 100+ buyers. As bad as her living conditions were, (product of a large raid) in my mind, equally bad was the deception. Every time someone bought one of her brokered puppies, they bought into a filth ridden dog farm, thinking that they’d purchased a dog bred by a … Continue reading

In Memory of Reily

LOVING REILY The question wasn’t whether we could love Reily — the question was, was there a limit to how MUCH we could love him?  Answer — it was love at first sight and grew exponentially.  Unfortunately, our time together was very short. If love could have saved him, he would have lived to be 1,000+! Kate, his foster mom, had become very attached to Reily, but her work took her out of town frequently and she had another senior golden, Katie, to care for.  Kate and Reily visited us to see how he’d match up with our other “kids” … Continue reading

In Memory of Max

Max came into GRRIN’s care on January 13, 2015.  He was 15 years old.  He went to live with an amazing foster mom, Danielle, but he didn’t do well being alone while she was at work.  After hearing a plea at a GRRIN event for a new foster home where he would have more company, my husband and I decided he could come stay with us (including our 2 Goldens).  He arrived at our home on February 7, 2015.  We were considered his forever foster because it’s difficult to find anyone that wants to adopt a 15 year old dog.  … Continue reading

In Memory of Buddy

With broken hearts, we had to let our Buddy (12-14) go to the Rainbow Bridge. The joy he brought to our lives will live on forever and we owe GRRIN our heartfelt thanks for bringing him to us. Buddy loved life! There was no such thing as a bad day to him even as his cancer progressed. We have been truly blessed having had him a part of our lives. Thank you GRRIN. Dave & Lisa 12-14 Buddy

Miracle Milo

7/3/2001 – 10/10/2016 What can “466” days mean in one’s life?  For Milo it meant strangers stopping to help a Golden in dire need;  freedom from a shock collar;  medical care;  countless number of people who cared;  security in having a safe, comfortable home with regular meals;  hugs and puppy massages;  gifts from people he would never meet;  trusting humans and believing they are kind.   He soon became very social.  When he saw people he would immediately start walking towards them… he knew that they would pet him.  He loved being outside and investigating whatever there was to investigate.  And, … Continue reading

In Memory of Duke

This is Duke, who I rescued from GRRIN around 8 years ago. Duke passed over the rainbow bridge in late July after a brief illness. Duke and I moved to Mission, Kansas about 18 months ago. Duke is so missed, even though I have since rescued a 12 year old senior Golden that has become such a blessing. Duke had serious behavioral issues over the eight years he lived with me, but neither of us gave up and he seemed to be very happy with his furever home, especially after we settled in Mission. -John Young

In Memory of Jake

On Mother’s Day, 2005, we brought home the best present ever, Jake. Throughout the years, he has been the unofficial mascot to sport teams, a foster brother to dozens of foster dogs, a wonderful Domesti-Pup Petting Pup, and the best companion and family pet we could imagine having. I have met so many of my friends because of Jake and the activities we did together. Unfortunately he got bladder cancer and we needed to put him down yesterday. I know the raw pain that we are experiencing will slowly ease, and the Lord will fill my heart but it still … Continue reading

In Memory of Cuddles Marie (14-04)

Our hearts are broken. Our brave, beautiful and loving golden girl has passed. She had Addison’s, but it was under control. She was happy and carefree, surveying and protecting her domain with a small iron paw, and ruling and loving her family wholeheartedly. She touched every heart she met. Unbeknownst to us, however, the steroids she was taking hid two large masses on her spleen. One, ruptured overnight, and it was too late by the time we got her into surgery. Her abdomen had filled with blood and she was not strong enough to survive. She was the head and … Continue reading

In Memory of Madison (16-10)

On May 20th, Madison was brought into GRRIN’s care after a long trip from Istanbul, Turkey, to Omaha. Everyone she met loved her, including her wonderful foster mom, Betty, and her caseworker, Pam. After a few months in foster care, Madison had a forever family picked out but her health started to suddenly decline. Betty and Pam worked tirelessly to take her to medical appointments for tests and hopefully a positive outcome. Unfortunately, Madison was diagnosed with late-stage leukemia in August; a few weeks later, on September 10th, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the loving arms of her new … Continue reading

In Memory of Gracie (15-18)

July  14,   2002    –    June 5, 2016 Gracie…the most AMAZING Golden Retriever who was so loved and cared for her entire life.  After 13 years with the same family, Gracie was surrendered to GRRIN in October 2015, and went directly to my home to be a permanent foster.  She was shy and timid, but the connection between Gracie and me was instantaneous:  Gracie always was by me, watching me wherever I went; greeting me at the door when I came home; wagging her tail and trying to bark at me as she was running (walking fast) to the back door; … Continue reading

Tribute for Gracie (formerly Cheerio 10-51)

  TRIBUTE FOR GRACIE She was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri where she had spent 7 years of her life having one litter after another.  We were told that when she was rescued, her tummy pretty much hung to the ground. Her GRRIN name was Cheerio.  We named her Gracie, but she was about as graceful as a cow.  But it didn’t matter, we loved her. Like many rescue dogs, she had quirks.  She hated being outside, whether summer, fall, winter, or spring.  She would potty outside, but then immediately want back in.  We could be sitting outside … Continue reading

Tribute to Sheyanne (06-20)

Tribute to Sheyanne By Gregg Christensen May 23rd (Memorial Day weekend 2015) marks the one-year point since my beloved Sheyanne succumbed to cancer. She had been fine when I dropped her off at the groomers a few days before but when they tried to get her out of the kennel to bathe her, she could not stand. They tried to reach me but the call went to voice mail so they left a message and rushed her to Dr. Hal Smith, who had been Sheyanne’s veterinarian since the day I adopted her. I listened to the message, called Highlands Clinic … Continue reading

In Memory of Ally (10-53)

I couldn’t figure out how to share my post on your page, but I wanted to let you know that sadly, Ally 10-53 crossed the rainbow bridge today. I wanted to share my story in hopes that it may encourage someone else to adopt a senior dog, or any dog needing a home. Please feel free to share my story if you want. I am forever grateful to you for bringing her into my life. Please give your pups an extra scratch on the neck, an extra treat and a big hug tonight in honor of Ally. My third or … Continue reading

In Memory of Buffy (14-07)

On January 25, we lost one of our precious GRRIN rescue dogs.  Buffy came into GRRIN from the Iowa Golden Retriever Rescue (IGRR).  She was 11 years old and wouldn’t live with any other dog.  Because of her age, she needed to be in hospice care, a permanent foster home.  Buffy was matched with a wonderful woman named Judy, who had her own medical problems.  Judy had lost her Golden Gracie about a year before bringing Buffy into her home.  The two were happy with one another for almost two years, then Buffy started to have trouble getting up.  Buffy … Continue reading

In Memory of Bo (08-02)

Bo, It is so hard to say good bye. Bo, we love you, we miss you, and we thank you for being in our lives. You brought us great joy in the happy times and comforted us in the difficult times. You touched many lives. You were a special blessing. Bo you will be in our hearts forever. On March 17, 2016 our beloved Bo passed away. He had been a member of our family for 8 wonderful years. Bo was a big, handsome, loving dog. Bo was the best dog in the whole world. Our hearts are very heavy. … Continue reading

In Memory of Roxie

  With sadness I wanted to let you know that on Easter Sunday we put our sweet Roxie to rest.  We found out 2 months ago that she had cancer in her lungs.  Being 12 we didn’t think it fair to put her through a surgery that would be painful, possibly fatal, and probably not helpful.  We spent the last couple of months spoiling her with all the attention she could take (that’s a lot for a golden), any food she wanted and privileges she deserved . . . I guess that wasn’t all that different than how she lived … Continue reading

In Memory of Mama Gracie (10-50)

  It’s with a sad heart that I inform you that Mama Gracie crossed the rainbow bridge on Saturday, April 9, 2016.  Her health had declined in the past few months, and the day came when her owners Jim and Jeri Regan made the heart-wrenching but loving decision to let her go.  Dr. Barb Lee of Valley View Vet Clinic was in attendance to assist.  Dr. Lee was the vet that performed the puppy c-section a little over 5 ½ years ago. Gracie was over 7 years old when she came into Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska (GRRIN) from a … Continue reading

In Memory of Buddy (09-09)

It is with great sadness that I let you know that Buddy crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning.  We met Buddy at Village Pointe in Omaha and he and my son fell in love at first sight.  Just before we were to adopt him, we discovered he had a serious case of heartworm.  The wonderful people at GRRIN spent their time and money to put him through the treatments and, tough dog that he was, he made it through with flying colors.  He has been an important family member in our household ever since and his goofball antics will … Continue reading

In Memory of Rex (08-36)

It is with the ultimate sadness that we all have experienced that I am letting you know that Rex #08-36 has been set free from this earth. It was a blessing that his pain was short lived – one week. First symptoms on Saturday-perfectly well on Sunday. But Monday came and all was not well. Blood tests, then X-rays, then an ultrasound. Cancer was destroying his liver from the inside. He had stopped eating and was having difficulty standing by the end of the week and he made the decision quite clear. Dr. Jensen graciously came to my home to … Continue reading

In Memory of Rudy (12-24)

Rudy or as we called him…Rudy Poody..came to us in February of 2013.   He left us June 16, 2015.  I like to think it was the best years of his life.  He definitely made an impact on ours.  We’ve both have had other dogs but none that have made the same impact on our lives as Rudy.  We miss him but grateful was a part of our lives. Rest in peace…Rudy Poody…Love Olin and Kelly. And thank you GRRIN for giving us Rudy!

In Memory of Ginger

We got Ginger from the Mound City, Missouri animal shelter in 2005. My wife, Joni, accompanied a friend and coworker who was looking for a young male golden. Ginger had come into the shelter along with an about 1 year old female and male, so the assumption was she was the mother. When Joni was told that Ginger was going to be put down the next day, she couldn’t resist bringing her home. Ginger was about 6-7 years old at the time. She was very under-weight, her coat was terrible, she had infection in both ears and her teeth were … Continue reading

In Memory of Maxx (14-25)

Not every story has a happy ending, but the journey can be very gratifying. Take one special dog named Maxx. He was a wonderful 7-year-old Golden Retriever that started having health problems that his owner could not manage. She was very concerned about his well-being, but was not able to provide the medical care he needed. Her love sent her to call GRRIN to get him the care that she was not able to. The wonderful family of GRRIN volunteers, each with their special talents, took over and got Maxx into a foster home. He spent some time at the … Continue reading

In Memory of Misty (09-24)

Misty (December 1, 2002  –  February 12, 2015) The everyday walks to the park, playing ball, going to your favorite place at Chalco, and going on long road trips to Utah will not be the same without you. I already miss your daily presence and companionship so much.  Thinking of you eating ice cubes, along with so many other wonderful memories, will always be treasured in my heart.  From that June 15, 2009, day when you came into my life, I knew you were the best-of-the-best of GOLDENS and you became my wonderful BABY GIRL!   –  Always, Cindy

Ode to Sophie (07-28)

  A life well lived. Check out Sophie’s original & beautiful tribute at:   How it all began………. Seven and 1/2 years ago, Sophie was relinquished to the Humane Society in Fremont, by a family who said that she was mean to their kids. She ended up at Golden Retriever Rescue, and then in our family. She was not a girly girl, but was silly and rambunctious. I didn’t think I’d ever have a more crazy dog. Sophie became a certified therapy dog about a year after she joined our family. She took over as my “assistant counselor” in … Continue reading

In Memory of Maggie (Thunder / Kelly; 07-26)

Maggie was such a gift!  She was always happy and ready to let anyone pet her.  …And, excellent at ‘tricking’ you into it! A friend said Maggie’s motto was “People were put on earth  …to pet Maggie.” She was seven when adopted and I wondered if she would ever do her happy dance for me like she did for her long-term foster family. Not to worry, she did. And, did her “run in circles catching my tail routine” to the end. She was a great car dog too. Short errand-running rides or driving to Denver, she was ready to go. … Continue reading

In Memory of Hutch (10-05)

We adopted Hutch from GRRIN in May of 2010. He immediately fit right in to our family and became ‘brother’ to our older Golden Retriever, Wrigley. Although our daughters were mortified to find Hutch was an adept rabbit catcher, he was also one of the cuddliest dogs I have ever known. Hutch followed us everywhere, and when we had a baby just a year later, she was Hutch’s girl. One of her first words was “Hutch” and for the 3 years they had together, he was her “Hutchy Buddy”. She wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning without a … Continue reading

Deuce (aka Buddy, 07-19)

Deuce (aka Buddy, 07-19), our sweet, fuzzy-faced boy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday evening, August 22, 2014. Deuce came to GRRIN as a skinny, scared, stray dog and found his way into our family, and our hearts. Timid and quiet, Deuce was the total opposite of our other Golden, Sugar Bear (03-44). Quickly, Sugar and Deuce became quite the pair. Sugar taught him that people are good, toys are fun, and treats are delicious. He taught her how to be a dog again, and not a fuzzy human. Together, they snuggled, played games of tug and fetch. They worked together … Continue reading

In Memory of Maggie

Maggie was an honorary GRRIN dog that helped her human dad Terry train dozens of new foster dogs that came through the door. She recently passed away quietly in her sleep and is now across the bridge with Harley 02-20. She lived to be 13 years old.

In Memory of Aspen

We had adopted Aspen from Grinn in 2000 from a gentleman who couldn’t keep her. We were so lucky to have her in our family’s life. She was a wonderful dog. She passed away July 21st, 2014 from kidney failure. She would have been 14 years old on Halloween. She was everybody’s friend.  She really liked it when the kids and grandkids came over. There will be a void in our home for quite awhile. We had our routines every morning with her joint pills and food. And somehow she knew when it was time to eat and would start dancing around until you fed her. You get … Continue reading

Casey aka Brewsky (09-23)

In Memory of Casey (aka Brewsky #09-23) We adopted Casey from GRRIN in the summer of 2009. He was 3 years old. His original name was Brewsky so we decided to give him a more family-friendly name. We thought Brewsky should be his middle name and affectionately called him Casey B. Our oldest children were 3 years old and 18 months old when we adopted Casey. We fell in love with him instantly. By his third day in our home he was snuggling up for naps with our little ones. Casey hadn’t been showered with this much love before and … Continue reading

Sam (09-47)

Sam GRRIN #09-47 When Sam walked into our home as a foster dog, we didn’t know that so much fun and love had come to stay. This bright, funny, opinionated golden rascal knew he had found his permanent home a little sooner than we did. He was patient while we figured it out…but not so patient when we didn’t toss the Frisbee or start the walk quickly enough. We know Sam was loved during his first 11 ½ years. Someone had taken the time to teach him a lot of tricks and trust. Every year of his life with us … Continue reading

Dudley (13-34)

           13-34 Dudley ~ On December 13, 2013 Dudley peacefully made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Please watch for his tribute here.

Gracie (04-40), The perfect dog

My beloved Gracie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sept. 18, 2013.  She was diagnosed with terminal cancer three weeks before.  GRRIN is the Golden Retriever Rescue, but in this case it was the human who was rescued. In 2004 I asked GRINN to bring me a foster dog that I would adopt.  I told them any dog they brought would not be returned and I would adopt.  Little did I know that in Oct. 2004 they would bring Gracie to me.  She was really the perfect dog.  We bonded in the first few seconds, and she would become the world … Continue reading

In Memory of Reilly (05-18)

Smiley Reilly (05-18) In 2005 we had just lost our Golden, Aspen, to bone cancer and had started the process of finding another dog to add to our home. We went to the Farmer’s Market in the Haymarket in Lincoln because we knew GRRIN had a booth there. As we were looking at the Goldens one of them came up and punched Craig, and that gesture stayed with him. We inquired about getting that particular Golden (Reilly) but were told it might not be a good idea because there had been some issues in previous placements. Craig hung tough and … Continue reading

Nick (02-42), the Greatest Christmas Gift Ever

  Nick It was during the Christmas Season of 2002 when I became a foster home for GRINN. I had that Fall lost my 11-year-old Old English Sheepdog, Daisy, and was broken hearted, but felt lost not having a dog for the first time in about 30 years. I heard about GRINN’s Foster Program and thought that would be a good way to solve my problem. I could help rescue a dog, and not get attached and have my heart shattered again. I didn’t know then that keeping a foster dog was an option. So I contacted GRINN and went … Continue reading

In Memory of Sugar Bear (03-44)

     In Memory of Sugar Bear (03-44) Our hearts are heavy with sadness to share this news. After a short illness, our sweet Sugar Bear 03-44 crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 12.20.12. She had a complicated past, as many GRRIN Goldens do. She was surrendered after her first family had a baby. While visiting a potential family, an alleged incident led some to think she should be destroyed. Her amazing adoption coordinator and fantastic foster family stood up for her and demanded she be given another chance to find the perfect forever family. And so we were hand-picked to meet her. She … Continue reading

In Memory of Toby (03-39)

Toby “T” Toby (03-39) came into our lives on May 14, 2005. He was a 2-year-old full of life and adventure. We had lost our golden, Chester, to cancer in 2004. Chester was a GRRIN dog adopted in the year 2000. Nick & Karen had the idea that Chester was lonely so Razzy (02-32) “came home” to them from the GRRIN adoption program. Next Razzy found her new best friend in Toby. He became Toby ‘T’ because he was always in “trouble”. He was described as an “energetic and lovable dog with a mischievous side to his personality”. Toby lived … Continue reading

In Tribute to Chandler (01-04)

If there were a contest to name the most “Gloriously Goofy Golden,” Chandler would have won it paws down. He came to us from a superb foster home where he resided for three months, basking in love and attention like he had never experienced during the first nine months of his life. He was described as a very active young boy with lots of love to give…understatements on both counts. He hated leaving Robin and her family…we believe he knew we were going to take him away from his utopia because he did not want much to do with us … Continue reading

Our Tribute to Grace (10-63)

In Loving Memory of Grace (10-63) We know a little about Grace 10-63. In 2004, she was picked up by a humane society as a stray estimated to be 7 years old. She had recently given birth; but, the puppies were never found. That same year, she was adopted by a rural family who kept her until 2010 when they decided she needed an indoor retirement home. GRRIN accepted her into foster care. Her accompanying vet records showed her age as 11 years. Grace would become a foster dog in our pack. “Grace, your kind transporters loved you when they … Continue reading

In Memory of Benny (08-06)

In Memory of Benny (08-06) Benny came to live with us when he was five years old. Oh what a spirited, rowdy, rambunctious guy he was. If you’ve seen the movie Marly you`ll have an idea of some of his antics. If he wasn’t trying to bolt out the front door he`d be racing around inside with one of the sofa pllows in his mouth grandkids chasing after him along with grandma. Something he never quit doing. He was a challenge. But we stuck with him and he stuck with us. As the short 4 years 5 months went by … Continue reading

Cecilia (12-20)

In Celebration of Cecilia (12-20) A female Golden Retriever puppy was born on January 29, 2004, in Cleveland, Ohio. She had a sweet puppy face that she’d retain all of her life. When she was old enough, she went to live with Miles and Kim. They named her Cecilia, after the patron saint of music. Cecilia was the epitome’ of a Golden Retriever – smart, loyal, and eager-to-please. But most of all she loved her family. She loved unconditionally, and always wanted to be in on the action. After a couple of years, Cecilia and her family moved to Los … Continue reading

In Memory of Tony (00-29)

In Loving Memory of Tony (00-29) In 2000, when our daughter was starting junior high we thought it would be good for her to have a friend to confide in. So we contacted GRRIN and were lucky enough to be chosen to take 1-½ year-old Tony home. He quickly became a best friend to the entire family and anyone he met. We were amazed at how smart (sometimes too smart) he was and how much unconditional love he had to share. For the next 11 years Tony was part of our family. He not only saw our daughter through junior … Continue reading

In Memory of Casper (08-34) and remembering Queenie (08-33)

Casper with his toy and his mom, Queenie, in the background. (Photo taken Mother’s Day, 2009.) CASPER (08-34) May 1,1997 to May 16, 2012 QUEENIE (08-33) November 29,1994 to May 13, 2009 On a beautiful spring June day in 2008, I became a foster mom for the first time. I was VERY lucky…not only was I fostering one Golden, but I was going to foster two Goldens…a mom, Queenie, and her son, Casper. They were a pair: Queenie loved to play ball, run, take walks, and chase squirrels and birds. Casper always had a toy in his mouth, and was … Continue reading

In Memory of Scooter (09-53)

In Loving Memory of Scooter (09-53) Sadly, Scooter recently lost her battle with mast cell tumors. It was hard on her, but she never stopped fighting. Scooter came into our lives just over a year and a half ago. Although she was in our home for only a short time, she will be in our hearts forever. We don’t know much about the first six years of her life, but we know she deserved better than she got. They told us that when she was first picked up by GRRIN, she was painfully withdrawn. With the help of the GRRIN … Continue reading

In Memory of Jordi 08-08

I never thought I would fall in love with Jordi. But I did. In Memory of Jordi (08-08) 1995 to 2011, age 16 I hadn’t raised her from a puppy. She only lived with me for three years or so. She wasn’t totally Golden, either in mind or body. But she fit. Somehow, she just fit. It took Jordi about 6 months to believe she was here to stay. She had been in 4 foster homes before I met her. She kept my senior dog, Conner, company until he passed. She groomed him and watched over him to the end. … Continue reading

In Memory of Duke 07-30

In Loving Memory of Duke (07-30) Monday Afternoon, May 23, 2011 Duke has left this world and has teamed up with my other dogs in the sky. He was turned in to Golden Retriever Rescue at the age of 9 because his previous owners were going to have him put down (not a pleasant story previous to that so I am told). I was happy to provide him the best life I could for an additional 4 years…he was 8 days shy of his 13th birthday. So happy he was able to have a wonderful Sunday before I had to … Continue reading

In Memory of Cara 02-29

In Loving Memory of Cara (02-29) I adopted Cara in October of 2002. She was three years old. After a rough start, Cara turned out to be a loving companion. She had lived on a farm and was not used to the indoors. She wouldn’t walk on the tile floors or go up and down the stairs. After much coaxing and treats from my friend’s children, she took to the floors and stairs quickly. I was always amazed at how she would race up and down the stairs as if she had been doing it all her life! She took … Continue reading

In Memory of Max 10-21

In memory of Max (10-21) I’m writing to inform everyone of the passing of our foster dog, Max. Max was taken unexpectedly from us due to a large tumor that surfaced on his liver. It came suddenly with Max seeming not like himself and not wanting to eat. Max loved his food! When we took him to the great vets at Harvey Oaks they were at first thinking he might have some intestinal issues and gave him some medicine which seemed to make Max feel great again. However, in less than two days Max stopped eating completely and seemed to … Continue reading

10-22 Lindsey

A TRIBUTE TO LINDSEY 10-222-9-1998 to 2-24-2011Lindsey came to us as a forever foster care Hospice Golden in Sept 2010. GRRIN labeled her as Hospice care because they said she was partially blind, partially deaf and had bad back legs. She did great with all of her ailments, most of the time you never knew she had them. She adjusted well with us and Shack, our adopted GRRIN golden. She took over his bed, so he went shopping with Irma and bought a new bed for her (she still liked to get in his bed when she could). She loved … Continue reading

In Loving Memory of Watson 07-27

In Loving Memory of Watson (07-27) Watson came to us as a foster dog and as our usual pattern, after 2 days, we couldn’t give him up, so he became our dog. He was the youngest 11 year old dog we had seen, and when he ‘crossed over the bridge’ last week, he was the youngest acting 14 year old we have seen. He could still bound up and down our hill like a youngster, especially if there was food involved. He had a stroke which took his life and we are thankful that he didn’t suffer with old age … Continue reading

A Tribute to Molly 10-86

A Tribute to Molly: a short time with GRRIN at the end of a long life.  As the saying goes, it takes a village. This was certainly the case with sweet Molly. At 13 years old she was a senior among our wonderful senior foster dogs, and a village of volunteers helped her get to her final resting place on January 4, 2011. Molly was living with 2 other dogs, on their own, in their owner’s home for many months following the owner’s death. A volunteer with No Pets Left Behind rescued Molly from her abandoned home and took her … Continue reading

In Loving Memory of Harley 02-20

On October 14th, 2010, an important GRRIN volunteer passed away, Harley, GRRIN dog 02-20. Story follows display of pictures. Hover over photo for description and click to expand image. On October 14th, 2010, an important GRRIN volunteer passed away. Harley (GRRIN dog 02-20) was adopted in 2002 by Terry and Lori Kirkpatrick. Harley was lovingly fostered by Julie White. When Julie needed someone to watch Harley while she went on vacation the Kirkpatricks agreed to take on their very first foster dog. Little did they know, but Harley didn’t plan on ever leaving their house and they joked that they … Continue reading

In Loving Memory of Chester 98-27

In Loving Memory of Chester 98-27 On Thursday, November 11, our 13 ½ year old golden crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We were honored to have Chester with us for 3 years. He was the perfect example of what a golden retriever is. He was sweet, laid back, always wanted a treat and just didn’t want to be any trouble. We seem to always have 3 dogs at our house, and our family and friends have all made the comment that Chester was their favorite. He was just too sweet. So we will miss him a lot. Because we have … Continue reading

04-22 Kipper

The first time I saw Kipper’s face was on the GRRIN website, and I instantly fell in love. We had just lost our original golden, Jake. We had two other goldens, and we were all missing Jake very much. I didn’t know much about GRRIN, but I was willing to give them a call and see what we needed to do. A meeting was set up for us to meet Kipper at his foster home, and we knew the minute we saw him in person, that he was just what we needed to fill the hole left in our hearts. … Continue reading

97-39 Riley

Dear GRRIN, It is with a sad heart that I write to tell you that we lost our GRRIN golden Riley (97-39, formerly Pluto) over the summer. He was 14 years old. Riley was my first golden. I adopted him before I met my husband, and he was the reason we became so involved with GRRIN while we lived in Nebraska. Two years after adopting him, I met my husband & we adopted Sage (99-07). Sage and Riley were with us when we got married, stood by us through graduate school, accepted & loved our boys when they were born, … Continue reading

In Memory of Lexi 08-10

In Memory of Lexi (08-10) Lexi initially entered GRRIN in March of 2008 when she was 6 years old. Her calm demeanor and gentle soul immediately made an impact on Stacy and Bryan. It became obvious to everyone that she would make a great addition to their family. She quickly fell in step with their routine as they soon welcomed their third daughter. Lexi watched over the girls like a “stepmom”. In early summer of 2009, Lexi started limping, and her vet gave her some shots and pills to help alleviate the pain and reduce inflammation. They thought that she … Continue reading

In Loving Memory of Rivers 08-50

In Loving Memory of Rivers 08-50 We met her at a park in Lincoln and instantly fell in love. She had beautiful blonde hair and was definitely turning heads in the crowd. When we finally reached the family that she was with, we introduced ourselves and asked for a little of her time, and she walked away with us for a little one on one. It was love at first sight for us and we could only hope it was for her also! We spent about an hour or so with her that day and that was the beginning of … Continue reading

In Memory of CJ 07-21

In Memory of CJ (07-21) We got CJ in Aug, 1995. He was 4 mos old. He was part of a litter brought to my children’s summer camp to be given away. My daughter wanted CJ’s sister, but she was already gone. That was ok, because CJ was my favorite of the litter. CJ was smart. Sometimes too smart for his own good. It didn’t take long for CJ & I to develop our own way of communicating. My family teased me that CJ didn’t really understand, but I knew and eventually the rest of the family agreed that CJ … Continue reading

In Memory of Bubba 07-25

My Angel Bubba (07-25) My first foster failure left for the bridge on Dec 18th at 10:30 am. It was a short bout with cancer. My wonderful goofy boy was not himself for about a week or so before he stopped eating all together. When I took him in we thought it was just a type of intestinal infection and tried treating with antiboditics. But he wasn’t getting any better so we did an ultra sound and found he had cancer in his liver. I found out on Wednesday and the decision was made to release him from his pain … Continue reading

In Memory of Raleigh 08-31 Foster

In Memory of Raleigh (08-31) Raleigh came to our home in 2008 as a foster dog. He was 12 years old and lived with us for 14 months. He was so easy-going and entertaining. He had many of the typical Golden characteristics, but Raleigh’s particular mix made him unique. Raleigh loved playing with his toys with remarkable zeal. He especially liked his tennis ball. As the months passed, he became more Golden and less Retriever. Fetch became catch. He played just as hard, but it was easier on his joints. He won First Prize, Senior Dog, at a 2008 Halloween … Continue reading

In Memory of Rex 99-01

In Memory of Rex (99-01) Dear GRRIN, We wanted to inform you of the passing of Rex (99-01) on October 23, 2009. I got Rex in the spring of 1999 and he became a very dear member of our family for the past 11 years. Having just recently graduated from college at the time, I had purchased a home in my old neighborhood, living near to my parents place. I had never had a pet of my own, but had always wanted a one, so I decided to pursue an adoption from GRRIN. Katie Burks and another volunteer helped me … Continue reading

In Memory of Jesse and Ginger

In Memory of Jesse and Ginger “Just a Dog” by Lisa J. Guill 1/7/10 Some will say it was just a dog, it was just a family pet Others might even wonder why, for the grief they just don’t get I feel sorry for those that don’t understand the love of a best friend, One that is trusting, devoted, and kind, one that depends on you til the end. As a child it was Mitzi on the farm, then Casey when first on my own, But Dad found a special one, I named Zach, to be with me living alone. … Continue reading

In Memory of George

~George, Bill, Nicole and Chloe~ ~Bill and George~ In Memory of George My name is Bill, and George was my buddy for the past 2 years. Regretfully and very heartbroken, I’m send this letter to everyone in the GRRIN organization to inform them that George is no longer with us. His demons finally got the best of him. I remember seeing George on the GRRIN web site about 4 or 5 years ago and thought what a great Golden he would be for me, but I traveled too much for work to get a pet. Then a few years later … Continue reading

In Memory of Jacob 04-10

In Memory of Jacob (04-10) Jacob came to us as a 5-year-old foster dog in the summer of 2004, and we adopted him a week later. As my husband said, once Jacob met me he had no intention of being adopted by anyone else. We are forever grateful that he chose us. Jacob moved with us to Colorado Springs in April of 2006. He loved treats, being petted, and romping around the Rockies. He was at my side like velcro from the day he walked into our home. Sadly, Jacob crossed over the bridge on June 10 at the age … Continue reading


In Memory of Queenie Queenie was 14 years old in December and had come to GRRIN in June of 2008 when her owner had to move to a rental property and couldn’t keep Queenie or her son, Casper any longer. (Casper is a mere 12 years old.) Queenie loved going to the dog park and raced around like a pup greeting all the people and the other dogs. After a brief bout with a very aggressive form of cancer in her sinuses she was unable to get around much at all. Cindy, Queenie’s foster mom knew the time had come … Continue reading

In Loving Memory of Lila 99-28

In Loving Memory of Lila 99-28 In September 1999, we welcomed Lila into our lives after she was nursed back to health through the Golden Retriever Rescue program. She was left at an abandoned house when her owner moved away and left Lila and several other animals with the house. Lila was the dog GRRIN matched us with when we contacted them interested in adopting our first dog since we married. At the time Lila was around 2 years of age and had plenty of puppy left in her. Her counter-thief habits became legendary, and rewarded her with cookies, pudding, … Continue reading

In Memory of Shasta

In Memory of Shasta “My brother and sister-in-law recently relocated back to Nebraska from South Carolina. The one member of their family unable to make this journey was their beloved Shasta. Shasta passed away during the summer and my brother was devastated. Shasta was a rescue and truly found her dream home with my brother–a great house on a lake, a wonderful man and woman who adored her and two Siamese friends–Itchy and Scatchy. So. . . I’m sending this donation from Scratchy in Shasta’s name.” Karen S. ~ Lincoln

In Memory of Elliott Cronin

In Memory of Elliott Cronin The enclosed donation is in memory of Elliott Cronin (GRRIN ID #98-26). Elliott spent 10 wonderful years with us and brought us great joy. He was euthanized Monday, October 6th, the same month he would have turned 13. Thank you for the incredible service you provide in allowing the Goldens to be a part of our lives. Sincerely, Nancy and Mike Cronin and Duke (GRRIN #04-54)

In Memory of Daizee and Gino Henderson

By Kellie Henderson Ramirez Daizee first came into my life when I was just a teenager. I remember how I devoted all my attention to her (much to the chagrin of my cat, Whisper). She was a good puppy and grew to be a great dog. She loved to aggravate Rocket and hang on his neck and jowls. He tolerated it nicely and was a great “uncle” to her. Daizee’s funniest characteristic was the curl she’d get in her lip, kind of like Elvis, when she got over-excited, usually when one of the family came home. When she gave birth … Continue reading

In memory of Teri

In August 2007, GRRIN lost a great friend and supporter, Teri Osbon-Kitzelman. Teri was an animal lover throughout her life. In 2002, Teri and her husband Mark Kitzelman lost both their senior Goldens within a few months, and they came to GRRIN in hopes of finding another dog to love. Around that time, an area shelter contacted GRRIN about a Golden puppy that had been left tied to the shelter door during the night. Mark and Teri had been planning to adopt an older dog, but somehow this little puppy seemed like he might be a perfect fit for them. … Continue reading

In memory of Toby

Our dog Toby from GRRIN died today. He was a great friend and had a fabulous 15 years. His heart just gave out. Thank you for bringing him to us.   By the Pfeiflers

In memory of Shadow

Dear GRRIN, We wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that our beloved Shadow was put down after finding an aggressive tumor in his mouth. He was loved by our family of seven for a little over eight years. We moved to Colorado about five years ago, and Shadow loved to go to the mountains with us and walk the trails. He enjoyed catching the Frisbee and not returning it. We’ll miss him dearly and want to thank you all for the work you do and for the connection you helped us make with a very … Continue reading

In Memory of Sandy

Sandy 98-30 In her own inimitable style, Sandy – my 12 ½ year old “tough broad” Golden Retriever – has gone on to be with Cody, Boji and Max. When they get to be senior seniors – that’s what I call the much older ones – we know every day is a gift, but it was still unexpected. Sandy had a great day Saturday with finding bread to eat at the lake (ducks will be fat now without her intercepting their snacks!), McDonald’s for dinner (our weekly Saturday custom), and long naps (with belly rubs) in between our three outings. … Continue reading