Happy Tails

Our goal in GRRIN is to get every foster dog to their forever home. Each “Happy Tail” is a reflection of the caring effort shared by volunteers and the families who open up their homes to a rescued Golden Retriever.

Would you like to submit a story for your recently adopted dog or send an update for a former adoption? Contact GRRIN at webmaster@grrin.org.

22-20 Buddy

Hi! It’s me, Buddy! You may remember me as the beautiful two-year-old red Golden Retriever who has equal amounts of energy to burn and love to give. I am happy to tell you, I have been matched with the perfect family. My family loves to take me on long walks, lets me play endlessly with my two-year-old English Cream Golden Retriever brother, Milo and other neighbor dog friends. I enjoy my daily routine of waking up in my human parent’s bed, checking out the smells of my large fenced back yard, and riding with my human brother and sister in … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Chris & Erin
  • #22-20

22-19 Daisy

Daisy has been adopted!

  • Adopted by: Brian, Leah & family

22-18 Rocky

After a rather rough start in life, Rocky has been adopted to a wonderful family. He was first found as a stray, and then adopted out to be a service dog. When his owner passed away he was given up for adoption. Hi, I’m Rocky. My new life with my mom is the greatest. I really have to say that I think I have her wrapped around my paw. Mom takes me for rides just because I want to go.  All I have to do is look at her with my big chocolate eyes, she caves, and hands me my … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Carol
  • #22-18

22-17 Delta

Exciting news…I have found my furever home. Yes, you can say Delta is having a wonderful and busy time in my new home. I have three human brothers and one human sister and a 14-year old Golden fur-sister, Penny…she is very sweet and, I think she likes me because I keep her young! My human siblings are keeping me really busy: playing ball, running around, going for walks. And, when they caught a cold last month, I make sure I stay by them and give them a lot of comfort and love. Sometimes I get to go to their soccer games where everyone thinks … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Kevin & Catherine
  • #22-17

22-12 Charlie

Charlie has been adopted by her foster family! Stay tuned for her furever story.

  • Adopted by: Jonathan & Abby
  • #22-12

22-03 Auchie

I didn’t have to look far to know where I wanted to be in my fur-ever home. After spending six months with my GRRIN foster family, they knew that they really wanted to keep me and ADOPTED ME. I am so happy because I know I will always have a caring, fun, active, loving family.  My 3-year old Golden fur-sister, Hope, and I have so much fun wrestling around, running and chasing squirrels in our huge back yard. I also have a 14-year old English Cream Golden fur-brother, Kaci, who I’m very respectful of and admire very much. After I was in training to … Continue reading

  • #22-03

22-11 Lambeau

Lambeau has been adopted! Stay tuned for his “furever” story. Here is Lambeau, a young, happy Golden with all the usual breed traits: energetic, playful, friendly, excellent around other dogs, and loves all humans, including children! He’ll do well in a home with or without other dogs but we think he’d definitely enjoy a canine companion. His interactions with other animals, including cats, is unknown. He’s a pretty big boy at over 90 pounds, however, he has a long body, tip to tail, and tall enough that his weight is not excessive. Even though he’s only two years old, he … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Justin & Stephanie
  • #22-11

22-16 Sadie

Hi there!  My name is Sadie. I spent most of my life in a kennel having puppies.  That part of my life is over now, and I am on to better things! My new Mom is helping me adjust to a regular dog life. I enjoy learning how regular dogs live. Things are going quite well.  My foster brothers got me started on indoor/outdoor life. My favorite thing is playing fetch with a tennis ball. I love to run to get it as fast as I can. I also like toys that squeak; Mom must get the toy away from … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Sandy
  • #22-16

22-15 Suzie

Suzie has been adopted! Thank you to everyone for your interest in this sweet girl. We will share more about her new adventures soon. This is Suzie, a very special and incredibly sweet 6 year old Golden who is ready for her forever home. Suzie is a retired breeding dog but, despite her past, has learned very quickly what it’s like to live in a loving home with caring humans and playful resident dogs. She is extremely calm, responsive, affectionate, and has come to enjoy lots of petting and attention.  At the beginning of foster care, Suzie had to develop … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jeff & LeeAnn
  • #22-15

22-10 Odin

Hi! I am Odin (GRRIN 22-10). I consider myself so lucky! My foster parents agreed to foster me at a very busy time in their lives, and I am so Happy they did! I won them over quickly and they adopted me. I now have a great brother, Leo (GRRIN 21-32) who my family adopted in January. I was not too sure about him when we first met, I didn’t think I was going to be able to stay, but after some introduction time, I calmed down and now we are best friends. Leo is only 4 months older than … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Joe & Mary Jo
  • #22-10

22-09 Martin

Martin has been adopted! Stay tuned for his happy tail! Martin is a five and a half year old golden who absolutely loves people!  He is a laid back boy who is happy to snuggle up and relax. He is a bit overweight so it will be important for him to be on a healthy diet and receive daily exercise. He enjoys going for walks although he could use some training on leash manners as he does pull at times. He came from a home with children and has gotten along well with his foster’s resident dogs. He gets anxious … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Laddie
  • #22-09

22-13 Toby (formerly Luke)

Hi, I’m Toby, formerly known as Luke. I’ve been having so much fun with my new family, Greg, Brooke, Garrett, Avery, and Emmett. As you can see, I’m just a big kid, so I’m learning lots of things with my new family! I really love kids and want to follow Emmett and his friends everywhere. I’m a very cuddly boy who loves stuffed toys, especially my stuffed giraffe. My family is impressed with my crazy zoomies in the backyard and we love to go on long walks. We’ve been going on short car rides to PetSmart and Scooters (for pup … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Greg & Brooke
  • #22-13

22-06 Copper

My mom, Clover, and I (Copper), are just in AMAZEMENT we found our PERFECT FUR-EVER home. It is totally awesome! We have this HUGE backyard with lots of bushes, trees, and flowers that we sniff all around to see what type of critters have been there – it’s usually bunnies. And we have grandkids who get excited to come and visit and play with us. We do have a fur-cat sister…she is still deciding if she likes us. Sometimes mom/Clover does her “growl” noise thing, but everyone is getting used to it (you know how moms are).  But, what makes us … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Steve & Kirsten
  • #22-06

22-05 Clover

My mom, Copper, and I (Clover), are just in AMAZEMENT we found our PERFECT FUR-EVER home. It is totally awesome! We have this HUGE backyard with lots of bushes, trees, and flowers that we sniff all around to see what type of critters have been there – it’s usually bunnies. And we have grandkids who get excited to come and visit and play with us. We do have a fur-cat sister…she is still deciding if she likes us. Sometimes I do my “growl” noise thing, but everyone is getting used to it (you know how moms are).  But, what makes us … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Steve & Kirsten
  • #22-05

22-04 Lola

Lola has been adopted! This petite, cutie-patootie has been in GRRIN for a few weeks and is available for adoption. We have several approved families hoping to meet her, so we do not guarantee her availability if you contact GRRIN about adoption. Foster story is on its way!

  • #22-04

22-02 Henry

HENRY HERE WITH HIS NEW FAMILY…..I have been on the move since I came into GRRIN, but I’m happy to say, that I have landed in my fur-ever home. My new family is exactly what I was hoping for: a great fur-brother, Doc, who loves to play with me, run around in the backyard, and play tug-of-war with our large assortment of toys. Doc is not afraid to let me know when he wants some quiet time for himself. There are two cats in my new family and they’re not really sure yet if they like me, but I’m sure they will come around soon. … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jarred & Julie
  • #22-02

21-21 Carly

Update for Carly: She’s been adopted! Stay tuned for her “furever” story. Looking at this picture one might ask what this dog is thinking. Is she asking to play fetch? She might be asking if you would be her friend. Of course, she also might simply be asking if you would sit down and give her some love. These are a few things that this beautiful dog is noted for wanting. This eight-year-old golden retriever would like to tell you a little more about her life. There is much to tell. HI! My name is Carly. My life has been … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Carol
  • #21-21

22-01 Ringo (formerly Diego)

DIEGO has great news….  OOPS, I mean RINGO has great news. I found my fur-ever home AND I have a new name: RINGO. My new family changed my name to RINGO because I reminded them of the “FAB FOUR”: long, floppy, moppy, hair. I have been so busy since being with my new family: I met the neighbor’s two labs and we run back and forth along the fence line (we became instant fur-buddies); we go for daily walks, and one day, we took a hike (with my new frisbie) in the newly fresh snow where there were so many new scents. There was a … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Andrew & Erin
  • #22-01

21-31 Skye

Skye is a shy girl who was recently adopted after entering GRRIN in December. Stay tuned for pictures and her adoption story!

  • Adopted by: Diane
  • #21-31

21-08 Neptune

Neptune update! We have new pictures of Neptune in her adopted home. She has made herself the mascot of her neighborhood – everyone finds joy in seeing her out and about. Hello, from Neptune! Nope, not the planet, but from my brand new furever home here in Omaha, Nebraska! I was adopted in July by my sweet mom, Jan and since I arrived, it’s been non-stop visiting with all the people in my building, and lots of new friends who’ve been over to meet me. My mom lost her best friend, Buddy (GRRIN 18-10) in March and she was very … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jan
  • #21-08

21-32 Leo

My name is Leo. I made myself at home the minute that I set foot in my new home. I explored all the rooms in search of what I could run off with.  What fun I had! I am so happy! I have been told that I am smart. I know my basic commands, but I have trouble focusing on what my parents ask of me. I start class soon to learn how to do that. I hope it is fun! I love going on daily walks. I walk on the leash well now. I spend as much time as … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Joe & Mary Jo
  • #21-32

21-30 Rocky

Rocky has been adopted! Stay tuned for his “furever” story. Hi there! My name is Rocky and I’m just over 7 months old. If you think I look like a Yellow Lab, you would be 100% correct, I’m all Yellow Lab! GRRIN typically only takes on Golden Retrievers or Golden Doodles (or other predominately Golden Retriever mixes) but through a very unique set of circumstances, they chose to take me! I’ve been so lucky! I’m at a fun foster home right now where there is a Golden brother to help teach me my socialization manners and foster mom and dad … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Conner & Salina
  • #21-30

21-22 Lily

Lily has been adopted! Stay tuned for her adoption story.

  • #21-22

21-16 Jack (formerly Herky)

Hi! It’s me Jack (previously Herky)! I went home with my mom, dad, and dog sister Ruby in September 2021. I’m a pretty goofy guy. Whenever my parents get home from work I like to find a toy and run through the house and howl to welcome them home. I also make them laugh with all the silly faces I make. My lips often get stuck on my teeth and it looks like I’m smiling. My parents know that I’m very smart. When I first moved in I showed them that I know how to open the kitchen trash can … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Lucas & Rachel
  • #21-16