Happy Tails

Our goal in GRRIN is to get every foster dog to their forever home. Each “Happy Tail” is a reflection of the caring effort shared by volunteers and the families who open up their homes to a rescued Golden Retriever.

Would you like to submit a story for your recently adopted dog or send an update for a former adoption? Contact GRRIN at webmaster@grrin.org.

23-12 Emma

Emma came to live at our house a week before her first birthday. She was excited to meet her dog sisters Lucy (12y) and Maggie (2y). They met in the yard and had a great play! After a little get to know you time, inside for a look around was lots of fun! After the first night, where she was a little nervous, Emma settled in beautifully. She liked being called Emmy and soon discovered that there were so many toys in her new house that she could play with! She also loves hanging out in the back yard with … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Thomas & Ann
  • #23-12

23-10 Winnie

Hi there – Winnie here! I love, love, love playing with my new dog brother!  We have the best time running around the backyard, sharing toys, and following each other as we sniff all the cool smells. We go for a long walk with our mom each morning and get pooped out for the start of the day. It makes for a nice nap on the couch or comfy dog bed before Dad comes home to let us out to play at lunch. I am good and don’t get into anything while my parents are gone, and sometimes play with … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Terrine & Charles
  • #23-10

23-08 Maverick

In my wildest puppy dreams, I never thought that I, Maverick, could be so happy. I found my wonderful furever home; I have a new fur-brother and we run around in the back yard all the time; and, the best part…no crates! I also have a human brother and a little human sister that I play and cuddle with and give puppy kisses. Every day we go for a walk around the neighborhood and I’m meeting many new fur buddies. My mom and dad are awesome. They think that I am just wonderful, so I’m doing my best to always be … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jon and Megan
  • #23-08

23-07 Rocky

Rocky has been adopted! Check back later for his Happy Tail.

  • Adopted by: Linda & Doug
  • #23-07

23-05 Jessi

Little, sweet Jessi here and I want to share some fantastic news. My foster family thought I was just the cutest, sweetest little girl, so they adopted me. Some say that they failed fostering 101. From the very first day I came, my mom and dad made sure that I was comfortable and happy. I have this big back yard that I can run around in and play ball. And, when my dad has the hose on, I play keep away with the hose and try to grab, catch the water. Every day we go for long walks around our … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Scott and Geri
  • #23-05

23-04 Kyra

We were so happy to be able to adopt Kyra in March! She instantly became part of our family and settled right in! She came to us with such great manners! She knows her basic commands, doesn’t destroy her toys, and is a fantastic walker! She is the sweetest girl, she is so good and just loves being around family. She also enjoys being out in the yard watching (and chasing) birds and squirrels! We took her to get a “pup cup” at Dairy Queen and she thought that was pretty fun! She is very curious about everything and is such a joy! We love having her in … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Sarah & Mo
  • #23-04

23-03 Evie

Evie has been adopted! Check back for her Happy Tail!

  • Adopted by: Tracy & William
  • #23-03

22-31 Willa

We can’t believe that we are so very lucky! We get to join our new family that included a sweet golden that needed “rescuing” herself. She had just lost her fur-brother, whom with she was very bonded. Within a short time, all 3 of us were playing and having fun! We are happy that she feels like she can be a part of the “in-crowd”. We love to cuddle with our new mom and dad. Sometimes we must rush to the couch to get the good spot to be loved on first. The evenings are our quiet time with mom … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jon, Sue and Sammie
  • #22-31

22-30 Addie

We can’t believe that we are so very lucky! We get to join our new family that included a sweet golden that needed “rescuing” herself. She had just lost her fur-brother, whom with she was very bonded. Within a short time, all 3 of us were playing and having fun! We are happy that she feels like she can be a part of the “in-crowd”. We love to cuddle with our new mom and dad. Sometimes we must rush to the couch to get the good spot to be loved on first. The evenings are our quiet time with mom … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jon, Sue and Sammie
  • #22-30

22-29 Canelo

Hello! My name is Canelo! My humans also call me by all sorts of names like Nelo and Nelly, but most recently they added fishy because I LOVE to be in the water. I love to swim and play keep away with my brother’s ball. Up until a few months ago I only spoke Spanish, but I have since learned that words like “sit,” “come,” and “down” all mean yummy treats. I joined a family of 2 fur brothers and 6 humans. Yes, SIX humans, which means I get pets and kisses all day long. I spend my days playing … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Robert and Amber
  • #22-29

22-22 Mazie (formerly Macie)

Mazie came to GRRIN with no issues other than being a darling Golden. She found her perfect forever home with a young couple who were looking for a companion for their dog Augie. The dogs are perfectly suited for each other. Both are full of fun and spark. Augie”s special talent is being able to carry five frisbees in his mouth at once. Once Mazie saw this, she knew better than to compete with such a skilled retriever, so she chose the stuffed duck as her favorite toy and quickly retrieved it from the farthest corners of her new backyard. … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Mike and Mandi
  • #22-22

22-21 Poppy (formerly Kinley Rose)

Hi everyone! My name is Poppy (formerly known as Kinley Rose) and on March 22nd, 2023, my mom officially adopted me! My mom was in a place called Albuquerque when she got the call about me. It was September 22nd (exactly six months before my adoption date) and she was flying home the next day. I had been surrendered to GRRIN because my previous mom and dad could no longer take care of me, and GRRIN knew my mom was looking for a very special pup like me. She had lost her best buddy, Max, in May so she was … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Kristen
  • #22-21

22-26 Lady (formerly Jess)

It’s true…Christmas wishes DO come true for good little girls…I found my wonderful, furever home AND, I got a new name:  LADY!…I like it! My day is so busy living in my new home with my three human brothers and one human sister. We play all the time. I really like to go outside and explore to see what I can find: sometimes I see a bunny. And, when it snows I like to roll around in the snow and see how many puppy angels I can make. My favorite thing to do is to go for loooong neighborhood walks … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Greg, Kelly and family
  • #22-26

23-01 Teddy (formerly Tucker)

Whew…very handsome Tucker here…for only being 8 months old, I have really been on the move trying to find my next fur-ever home. I am so happy to report that I found it. Not only did I find my new fur-ever home; but, I also got a new name…TEDDY (I think it fits me perfectly!). My new family recognized right away all of my wonderful traits:  smart, goofy, playful, and love to cuddle. With my mom and dad, I also have a wonderful Collie/Bernese Mountain fur-sibling…Tonk…she is the best. Our days are full of activities: two daily neighborhood walks (rain, … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: David, Noelia and family
  • #23-01

22-25 Opal

My name is Opal. I am a sweet and gentle 4 year old golden that thrives on attention. I was looking for a quiet home with humans that would give me attention throughout the day. I am happy to report that I have found the perfect family. My main two humans have older kids who are grown up and have kids of their own. Therefore, I am their main focus. I get lots of cuddles, long walks, and car rides. I get extra attention when the grandkids come over to visit. They play fetch with me in my big backyard … Continue reading

  • #22-25

22-24 Marley

Every dog’s journey through GRRIN is a little bit different. Some dogs come in and can get adopted out to a loving new owner right away, but some dogs may first need a little extra care. Marley is one of those dogs who needed a little extra help, and both GRRIN and a loving foster family stepped in to give him what he needed. In October of 2022, 10-year-old Marley was found wandering as a stray and was taken to the Midlands Humane Society in Council Bluffs. Later that month, he was picked up by a GRRIN volunteer and brought … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Warren and Susan
  • #22-24

22-23 Ivy

Ivy has been adopted! Check back for her Happy Tail.

  • #22-23

22-20 Buddy

Hi! It’s me, Buddy! You may remember me as the beautiful two-year-old red Golden Retriever who has equal amounts of energy to burn and love to give. I am happy to tell you, I have been matched with the perfect family. My family loves to take me on long walks, lets me play endlessly with my two-year-old English Cream Golden Retriever brother, Milo and other neighbor dog friends. I enjoy my daily routine of waking up in my human parent’s bed, checking out the smells of my large fenced back yard, and riding with my human brother and sister in … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Chris & Erin
  • #22-20

22-19 Daisy

Daisy has been adopted!

  • Adopted by: Brian, Leah & family

22-18 Rocky

After a rather rough start in life, Rocky has been adopted to a wonderful family. He was first found as a stray, and then adopted out to be a service dog. When his owner passed away he was given up for adoption. Hi, I’m Rocky. My new life with my mom is the greatest. I really have to say that I think I have her wrapped around my paw. Mom takes me for rides just because I want to go.  All I have to do is look at her with my big chocolate eyes, she caves, and hands me my … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Carol
  • #22-18

22-17 Delta

Exciting news…I have found my furever home. Yes, you can say Delta is having a wonderful and busy time in my new home. I have three human brothers and one human sister and a 14-year old Golden fur-sister, Penny…she is very sweet and, I think she likes me because I keep her young! My human siblings are keeping me really busy: playing ball, running around, going for walks. And, when they caught a cold last month, I make sure I stay by them and give them a lot of comfort and love. Sometimes I get to go to their soccer games where everyone thinks … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Kevin & Catherine
  • #22-17

22-12 Charlie

I’m Charlie (left)! I’m a beautiful 4 1/2year-old golden. After my previous owners had a change in their home life and weren’t able to take care of me anymore, I was placed with my new foster family and quickly became BEST FRIENDS with my new sister Piper (right). I love wrestling with my sister, exploring my backyard, meeting new human and dog friends, walking at the lake, and going on road trips with my family to new places. My foster family fell in love with me immediately and made sure to adopt me as soon as possible. I’m the sweetest … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jonathan & Abby
  • #22-12

22-03 Auchie

I didn’t have to look far to know where I wanted to be in my fur-ever home. After spending six months with my GRRIN foster family, they knew that they really wanted to keep me and ADOPTED ME. I am so happy because I know I will always have a caring, fun, active, loving family.  My 3-year old Golden fur-sister, Hope, and I have so much fun wrestling around, running and chasing squirrels in our huge back yard. I also have a 14-year old English Cream Golden fur-brother, Kaci, who I’m very respectful of and admire very much. After I was in training to … Continue reading

  • #22-03

22-11 Lambeau

Hi everyone, this is Lambeau! I’ve been adopted by Stephanie, Justin, and their kids, and I’m such a happy boy. And, how could I forget? My new family has a resident Golden, Jake, who’s the best brother I could hope for. We play and snooze together like we’ve known each other forever. I’ve also been introduced to something called “camping” where you leave home with your family for a few days to enjoy the great outdoors. Fun! I’ve been known to try to steal food from the littlest kid in my family but he’s learning to tell me, “No, Bo Bo!” Darn it! I really adore … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Justin & Stephanie
  • #22-11

22-16 Sadie

Hi there!  My name is Sadie. I spent most of my life in a kennel having puppies.  That part of my life is over now, and I am on to better things! My new Mom is helping me adjust to a regular dog life. I enjoy learning how regular dogs live. Things are going quite well.  My foster brothers got me started on indoor/outdoor life. My favorite thing is playing fetch with a tennis ball. I love to run to get it as fast as I can. I also like toys that squeak; Mom must get the toy away from … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Sandy
  • #22-16