We love volunteers!

Some folks think they won’t be helpful as GRRIN volunteers if they aren’t experts in dog care and rehabilitation.  Rest assured that none of us are experts.  But each of us has talents, and there are many ways to put your talents to work if you’re interested in volunteering for GRRIN.

If you’re creative, you could volunteer on the team that plans and organizes events.  We’re always looking for people with fresh ideas about games to play and ways to build attendance at functions that showcase our foster dogs and help us raise money.

If you work all day and can only volunteer at night or on weekends, you could work on our Goldline phone team, returning calls and interviewing people who want to surrender a Golden or adopt one.

If you have short blocks of time available during the day, and you love dogs but not paperwork, you could volunteer to transport Goldens as they come into foster care.

If you like meeting people, you could volunteer to do home visits.  You’d get a chance to screen people who’ve applied to foster or adopt a GRRIN dog.

If people aren’t your thing but you’re dog savvy and love meeting canines, you could volunteer to assess incoming dogs to make sure they’re Goldens and of sound temperament.

If you’re detail oriented, you could help with intake.  You’d interview people who are surrendering dogs, gather their vet records, recruit assessors, and drive the overall process to bring Goldens into rescue.

If you love having a new dog in the house, you could volunteer to foster a Golden.  You’d do what it takes to get them ready for adoption, from housetraining to obedience training.  Then you’d help screen adopters to find a perfect forever home for a GRRIN dog.  Go to Foster A Golden for more information.

None of us can do all these jobs ourselves, but when we team up, we make a great volunteer organization.  If you’d like to contribute your talents to a GRRIN job, fill out the form below, send a note to info@grrin.org or call our Goldline at 402-330-6680.