Thanks for Joining GRRIN for Pups on the Patio

Thanks for Attending Pups on the Patio - Rick Fox - Post ImageThank you to everyone who came out to Pups on the Patio in memory of Rick Fox a few weeks ago.  The patio was packed with dogs and their humans, the weather was beautiful, and a great time was had by all.

GRRIN lost a dear friend and supporter with Rick’s passing.  Rick and his wife Shelly adopted Norman in 2008.  Norman was a dog that came from Kansas and had survived a tornado; he and Shelly loved that Norman and their sheepdog Stella were such good friends.  Stella passed away and a new Golden puppy Marge came in and is giving Norman a run for his money.

When volunteers were looking for a site to hold GRRIN’s fundraiser Kibble ‘n Bids in 2011, they reached out to Rick to see if he would help.  He didn’t hesitate to open up Julio’s and took great care of us that year and in 2012.  Many GRRIN meetings and social gatherings were held at Julio’s over the past few years.  Rick was always there to greet everyone, especially the Goldens.  Julio’s has every intention of continuing its involvement with GRRIN and hopes to see everyone there soon!

Here are some photos from the event

Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - Cindy with Sandy

Sandy got adopted!

Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - Sandy Adoption Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - Pet me Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - Family Photo Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - eating and talkingAlso, a little insight into the process of trying to get 13 dogs to line up!

Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 1 Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 2 Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 3 Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 4 Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 5Someday we’ll get them into a perfect line! Until then, we’ll just love them for the wonderful animals and members of our families that they are.