Hurricane Harvey: Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary (GRASS)


Good news from GRASS! We’re making good progress, thanks to leader Joshua’s hard work and to our volunteers. Cabin 1 is now fully insulated, the floors are decked, and the carpentry crew is working in there tomorrow – so it’s safe to say that Cabin 1 is nearing completion! Everyone hopes to get some Goldens in our facility soon.

Even now, weeks after the flooding, GRASS is still processing donations – the generosity has been truly amazing. It’s thanks to you that GRASS will soon be back to normal and doing what we love most – giving senior Goldens the homes they deserve! THANK YOU!

If you want to provide hurricane relief for Golden Retrievers, please read this statement from the Golden Retriever Foundation. All of the dogs living in the sanctuary have safely landed in temporary foster homes while the GRASS staff begin the long process of cleaning and rebuilding. Visit the GRASS Facebook page for more pictures and video clips of their Harvey journey.

As President of the Golden Retriever Foundation, I want to assure you that the GRF is doing everything possible to help with the tragedy of the Hurricane Harvey in Southeast Texas. We are also in contact with the GRCA-National Rescue Committee and the Golden Retriever Club of America in coordinating the efforts to help those in need.

The GRF has already rushed an emergency check of $4000 to GRASS – Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary to help with their immediate needs.  They are the only rescue organization in Texas with a facility that was flooded.

Today, The Golden Retriever Foundation is setting up a Disaster Relief Collection – Rescue Fund on our website, Any rescue organization that helps in this disaster relief effort or is affected by the disaster can submit grant requests for reimbursement of money spent in support of the recovery effort.   The GRF will cover all expenses within our funding that is allowed.

Resist the urge to send food or items.  The senior goldens are on special diets and it is hard to determine exactly what is needed.  So monetary gifts go a long way for them to get the exact items they need.

Donate money to the Golden Retriever Foundation’s Disaster Relief Collection – Rescue Fund or donate funds directly to Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary (GRASS) (see below) via their website at

If you have not seen the photos of FB of the water damage to GRASS, here are a few photos.  The water has now receded but the damage was done.

Thank you all for your continued support of the Golden Retriever Foundation.

Collette Jaynes – President GRF
Cindy Collins – VP GRF
Shirley Peskie – Treasurer GRF
Dianne Barns – Secretary GRF