York update!

We thought you’d like to see York’s latest portrait – he’s turned into one gorgeous Golden. He’s getting ready to spend his second winter in Omaha with his new family after flying in from Istanbul, Turkey in May of 2016. York is one of five dogs that GRRIN rescued as part of a larger rescue mission involving several Midwestern rescues. These missions continue – hundreds of street dogs without families have been brought to the United States in the last three years.

GRRIN is extremely lucky to have amazing volunteers who traveled to pick up the dogs in Chicago, foster families who learned basic Turkish commands so the dogs would understand them, and the “furever” families who adopted them!

Here is York’s original story:

Hi, my name is York and I am a world traveler! I came to Nebraska with 4 other Golden Retrievers who lived on the streets of Turkey. In Turkey, I did not have a home and had to hunt for my own food, but some wonderful people picked me up to care for me and help me find a better life. With some help from GRRIN and its wonderful donors, I was able to travel to Nebraska to find my forever home.

When I arrived, I was very skinny and was struggling with some allergy problems that affected my coat. I also wasn’t sure what it was like to be a family dog. My amazing foster family of Cindy, Steve, Michael, Jason and resident dog, Rosie, worked with me over the last couple of months and helped me learn to be the awesome Golden I am today.

Since I fit in so well with my foster family and they can handle my strong prey drive (I love rabbits and birds), I am staying put and have been adopted by them. The love and affection I have been show by GRRIN and my new family has allowed me to accomplish my destiny in life, loving everyone I see! Thank you all for the opportunity to be a Golden in America!