Meet Huntress & Taffy!

GRRIN has two very special dogs in foster care that we would like to adopt together. Huntress and Taffy’s bios are below – they are quite the pair and have come so far in foster care – check out their before and after photos! If you are considering adoption, please note:

  • Do you have a physical fence and is the fence attached to your home so that a dog can safely access the yard?
  • Do you plan to keep the dog inside when you are not at home?
  • Do you plan to have the dog live inside the house and be a part of the family?
  • Can you afford to spend upwards of $1000 per year to cover the standard medical costs for a large dog which include year-round heartworm/parasite treatment, annual vaccinations, and emergency vet expenses?

If you answered “yes” to these questions and would like to learn more about adoption, call our Goldline at 402-330-6680 and a volunteer will help you begin the application process.

About Huntress (7) & Taffy (5):

Huntress and Taffy right after entering foster care.

Huntress and Taffy now – look at those smiles!

I’m Huntress, but many people call me “Mama.” I am 7 years old, about 60 pounds, and living a wonderful life since I came into foster care with GRRIN. My daughter, Taffy, and I hadn’t been around other people, in a house, or with other dogs (except to have puppies) before moving into the foster home. All the new sounds, smells and people were very frightening at first. But we got petted and loved and fed food in bowls with extra treats every day! Once we felt safe in the house and yard, we started going for walks. Who knew leashes could lead you on fun adventures!

Being petted and cuddled is my favorite thing. I will look into your eyes for a long time when you give me attention. I still react to noises more than Taffy since I am a protector. If a dog barks up the street, I let them know I’m here! I will bark and show my teeth at first to a new dog just to let them know I’m the mama and I have rules. Once they know what I will put up with, then we all get along fine.

Taffy might be a little braver at first and likes to play more than me, but we are very close. We behave well at home when our foster mom leaves (up to 4 hours), but we like it best if someone can be around during the day. Being the mama means I have responsibilities, but I love being a house dog with kind people around me.

Hi, everybody! I’m Taffy, and I have learned so much since I came into foster care with GRRIN. Living in a house is amazing!! I love my warm bed and sleep in it all night.  I like to explore around the house and yard as well as when we go on walks. It takes me a minute to get used to new sounds, skills, and people. But I love to be petted and cuddled when I get to know you.

My foster mom laughs when I watch other dogs on the television. (Where do they go?!?)  We all celebrated when I mastered getting in and out of the car and going up and down stairs. I’m happy to fetch balls and toys that you throw as well as chase the squirrels and rabbits out of the yard. What fun it is to run after them! Usually, you will find me carrying a toy around in my mouth. Once I get to know other dogs, I also like to wrestle and play with them.

I’m very close to my mom, Huntress (AKA “Mama”), but I feel safe and happy with my person for some independent adventures, too. I’m 5 years old in June, a happy loving girl, about 60 pounds, and full of fun and energy.