06-15 Comet now Cooper 06-15


Hi – my name is Cooper (formerly 06-15 Comet). My foster mom thought that Cooper fit better. I am on my third “forever home” and I know that I have truly found a great place to live! It was love at first sight with my new mom and dad and when I was introduced to my new brother Cliff and sister Hazel we hit it off right away with only play “snorts”. My new brother and sister are constantly teaching me things and as you can tell from the picture, I am tuckered out from all of the playing that we do together! I love my new home with the big back yard and all of the new family, including my new Grandpa and Grandma! My new dad and mom take me on long walks and once the weather gets nicer, I will be taking up running to help my dad lose his winter weight. I can hardly wait! Thanks again to GRRIN and all of the wonderful things that they did for me!