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Adopted by:
Tim and Nikki

As soon as I met my foster parents and pushed my nose into their laps, I knew that they were good people. Tim and Nikki picked me up from the Vets office and took me to their home. There was another Golden there. Harry and I hit it off right away. It took a little longer to get to know their two other dogs, Roxanne and Anna, but I grew to love them, too. Even though they’re smaller than me I try to remember that they’re in charge. Steve the cat was a bit scary to me at first, but I now know to give her the space she needs. At least most of the time. Joel is a teenage boy that plays with me, and I adore visits from Brooklyn (the 1-year-old Granddaughter of Tim and Nikki). I always make sure that her face is clean when she is around me. Well, after more than two months of bonding with both animals and humans, I get to make my foster family my forever home! Tim and Nikki decided that they can’t live without me, and I feel the same way. I’m so happy that I get to share all of my energy with them and continue to get the structure, exercise, love and attention that I need. I hear that I’m going to try to be a Therapy Dog, and perhaps participate in agility events! Life is good!