06-54 Murphy 06-54

Adopted by:
Danielle (and Winston)

06-54murphy2.jpg I’m home! I’m finally home!! Hi. My name is Murphy and I came to live at a foster home a while ago. My foster parents had a nice, safe home. They are very nice and they had another dog for me to play with too. I liked it at their house because they really loved me up. I even got to stay at another foster home for a few days, with two other Goldens, while my foster parents were on vacation. That was fun too. But, as nice as all of that sounds and as much as I liked living there, I am thrilled to finally find my FOREVER HOME. Danielle read about me in the GRRIN newsletter and thought I had a nice face. She adopted Winston a couple of years ago from GRRIN and thought he needed a playmate. So, Danielle brought Winston to meet me. Winston and I really hit it off, so Danielle decided to make me a part of her family. Winston and I have the same beautiful blonde coats and Danielle says we look beautiful on walks together. Winston is bigger than me but that’s ok. He’s a “guy”. Girls are supposed to be more “petite”! Thank you GRRIN, my foster homes, Winston and especially Danielle for opening your hearts and homes to me. I know I am a lucky dog and am so happy to finally be home!