07-07 Mac 07-07

Adopted by:
Sherri and Benji

My name is Mac and I was a sick dog when I was surrendered to GRRIN. I hadn’t been to the vet since I was a puppy and I’m 4 years old now. I spent that time in the yard and I picked up just about every worm there is, including heartworm. So GRRIN’s first goal was to make me healthy again. John and Gay took very good care of me and I got a clean bill of health. Then I went to Elbert’s to learn how to get along with other dogs since I didn’t have any experience with that. I learned quickly and even passed my Canine Good Citizen test. Then Sherry and Benji came to meet me. Benji and I hit it off right away and he wanted me to be a part of their family. Unfortunately, their other dogs weren’t so sure they wanted a brother. After several meetings, they decided it would be O.K. and I came to live with them. I’m so excited to be in their family. Benji spends lots of time throwing the ball for me and when I get tired, I love stretching out on the couch and getting stroked.