07-25 Bubba 07-25

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My name is Bubba, and I’m a smaller dog then when I came into GRRIN. I was 108 pounds and at last check I am now 90 pounds. I may be even less than that now. I’m a good dog. I know how to sit, down, sit up, speak, whisper, carry bags or sacks for my Mom. I’m’ a little sound sensitive but am a very sweet handsome gentleman. I make Carol smile every day and I felt a connection from the moment she picked me up at the vet. My thyroid is now in the high normal range with my meds and the wart on my eye and the back of my head are gone and I am just a big healthy happy dog. I love everyone and any dog that comes over to play. I’m a gentle giant. I can not imagine my life without Carol. We were a perfect fit from the start.