07-50 Digby 07-50

Adopted by:
Barb, Dennis, Kate, Spencer, and Golden Gracie

Well, it was quite a journey, but I finally found my forever-home! I started my journey into GRRIN at the Council Bluffs Animal Shelter. I was picked up as a stray, and wasn’t claimed. Carla told the good GRRIN folks about me, and it wasn’t long until Tim arrived to spring me from doggie-jail! He took me home, where I met his son, Joel, and my new Golden-Foster-Brothers Harry and Elliot. I eventually settled into the household routine like I had been there all of my life. I struggled a little with some joint issues and seizures, but I received the best vet care, and before long I was stable and healthy. One day I met a girl named Kate, and sparks flew! I could tell that it was love at first-sight. She accepted me for who I am, and that was awesome. She introduced me to her Mom, Barb. Because I’m such a charmer, Barb was quickly smitten, too. It was the making of a forever-match, but I had to hang out at my foster-home for a few months until Barb and Dennis (a real guys-guy that communicates with me on the same wavelength) built a GRRIN-approved fence. Then it was time to pack up my biscuits and travel to my forever-home, where I joined Barb, Dennis, Kate, Spencer, and Golden Gracie. My plan is to show them on a daily basis how grateful I am. Thanks, everybody!!!