07-52 Sammie 07-52

Adopted by:
Matt and Sarah

My name is Sammie and most of my past has been a complete mystery to those who know me. I’ve had at least several homes, and at one time I was adopted from the Humane Society. Even though the road was rough it was well worth it to get the home I’m in now. They say I’ll never have to leave, and they have spoiled me every day that I’ve been here. Right away they went to the pet store and bought me several beautiful dog beds. Somehow even those weren’t enough for a princess such as myself. This thing they call a couch seems to do the trick, and I’m even letting Sarah and Matt share it with me. My favorite thing is cuddling with them. I also love my frequent car rides, long walks, back yard chases with the neighborhood rabbits, and frosty paws ice cream treats! I’m still getting used to my forever-home, because every time the toaster oven rings I run to the door thinking someone is here to see me! Thank You, GRRIN!