07-54 Murphy 07-54


My name is Murphy and I am a beautiful golden-colored Golden Girl. My first family had me since I was just a little pup, 5 years ago. They said they don’t have time for me now and think I may have developed an allergy which is why I licked at my front leg until I got a “hot spot”. I lived for awhile with a nice foster home and learned what a cat was! They had another Golden and I pretty much ignored him as I would rather pay attention to the humans in the house. Then one day this very nice couple came to visit me and they brought their other GRRIN-rescued dog, Kelly. I insisted they pet me until I said it was OK to stop. Well, they didn’t have to think about it for too long because the very next day they called my foster mom and dad and said they wanted to adopt me forever! (I think I already knew that!) Now I live at my new forever-home with Keith and Kim Smith and Kelly, (the other) Golden, and a couple of cats. We all get along and I love my new home. Thanks for the happy ending!