07-56 Brinkley 07-56

Adopted by:
Mike, Julie, Steve, Suzanne, Gunner and CJ

I’m back with my original GRRIN foster family! It’s been a long, long time. They remembered me!! I am so happy that they decided to keep me and adopt me. I had a great life with my first adoptive family but they were not able to take care of me any longer. They knew it would be best if I came back to my GRRIN family. I fit right in with my foster brother, GUNNER. He is a bit younger than I am, but we have become best buddies. We run and play a lot! My arthritic hips are doing quite well. I had not been doing much walking before but I am trying to do better now. I do love to bark when family comes and goes. I have been told that it is not very nice to be so noisy, so that is something that is being worked on. I have some great new toys to play with too!!! Gunner and I share them well.

All in all, I love my new home and family and they love me!!!! Thanks for adopting me, Mike, Julie, Steve, Suzanne, Gunner and CJ (the cat).