07-62 Bailey 07-62


HI! I’m Bailey – a tall, huge, lovable GOLDEN. I came into GRRIN because my prior family could no longer keep me. I was fostered by Terry and Lori, along with their Goldens Harley and Maggie. Terry said that I was so tall that I should come with a saddle! One day I went to a GRRIN event at the Nebraska Furniture Mart. I met a great family from Sioux City. Things started clicking right away. So much so that they made another trip to my foster-home in Lincoln to meet me again. It was a match! I was soon on my to my new forever-home in Sioux City! Life is great here. My favorite game is playing ‘keep away’ from the kids, using all of my toys as we do laps around the house. I really love my new family. I show that affection by greeting them with a ‘Tigger-Hop’, followed by a slump to the floor for a tail-thumping belly-rub. I love to chase balls, and I’ve been told that I look like a pony galloping across the back yard. I love to sleep with humans, but end up taking up most of the bed. But my boy doesn’t mind being scrunched against the wall! Thanks, GRRIN for making my forever-dream come true!