08-36 Rex 08-36

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Hi – I’m Rex and I get to live with Michelle and Duke (07-30). I can’t believe Duke is 10 ½ and yet he still keeps up with me – a 6 year old. I get to sleep in a big chair in the living room, go on many walks and hikes, swim in the ponds & lakes (when not frozen), and ride in the truck. But best of all, I get to surround myself with as many tennis balls as I want – I LOVE tennis balls – they are the best – my grandma Dottie got this chuck it thing and it is awesome, so is she! She kidnaps us a couple of times a week while mom is at work and takes us on fun trips to the parks and she bakes awesome cookies. I think I am past the big hump of this thing where you don’t ”do your business” in the house, interesting concept. The only things that really beat tennis balls are hugs and belly rubs….but I usually manage to keep a tennis ball in my mouth even then. Thanks to GRRIN and the Bockelmanns (they fostered me) I am having the time of my life!