08-37 Knox 08-37

Adopted by:
Kaleb and Ann

My name is Knox, and people tell me that I’m a very handsome Golden Retriever. I originally belonged to a great guy that worked a lot of hours and didn’t have enough time to spend with me. He felt guilty, so he advertised on CraigsList for someone to adopt me. The nice folks at GRRIN saw the ad and called. They explained the rescue process, and before long I was on my way into GRRIN! I stayed with a great foster-family. Bruce and Rebecca made sure I got the structure I needed, and Golden Retriever Jazz and Chocolate Lab Millie made sure I got exercise, while they taught me some basic “doggie-smarts”. And to top it all off, I had a 15-acre fenced yard to play in!! One day Kaleb and Ann came to meet me. We all hit it off right away. I knew that they would take good care of me and give me the exercise, discipline, and affection that I needed. Before long I said good-bye to my human and canine foster-family and started my very own happy-ending story. Life is good! Thanks, GRRIN!