08-38 Chloe 08-38

Adopted by:
Mark and Tammy

Lucky Dog, I’m a Lucky Dog!” I’M HOME!!! Thank you Mark and Tammy for making me part of your family and giving me a place that I can call HOME… forever! I know there were some concerns that we would find that special family that would adopt a girl like me with hip problems. (I don’t really see it as a problem, I just think it gives me a nice sway when I walk!) I thought I was only going to be with GRRIN foster-parents Mark and Tammy for a little while, as GRRIN looked for the right family to take me home. But Mark and I bonded deeply when we looked in each other’s eyes and I laid at his feet or asked him to give me some loving. I love my new family a lot. Mark, Tammy and their children take me for lots of walks, watch my diet and give me my medicine so I can keep up with Josie, their other Golden. I like Josie a lot too. Josie is busy showing me around the back yard and the neighborhood. I sure would have missed Josie if I had to go live somewhere else. But, now I don’t have to worry about missing Mark, Tammy, the kids and Josie………. because I GET TO STAY!!! I really am a Lucky Dog. Thank you GRRIN, and thank you especially to Mark and Tammy. I love you.