08-40 Dexter 08-40

Adopted by:
Bruce and Rebecca

Who can resist me? Well, Bruce and Rebecca couldn’t! I’m Dexter, a 10-month-old rowdy puppy that knows what PLAY means! I came into GRRIN because someone in my prior family had allergies. They really loved me, but it just became too much for them. I stayed at a great foster-home with Tim and his son, Joel. There were other Goldens there! Harry and Elliot taught me the ropes on how to be a dog, and GRRIN foster-dog Einstein PLAYED with me!!! Bruce and Rebecca were the foster-parents of GRRIN dog Knox 08-37. After he was adopted, they decided to adopt a GRRIN dog to give their Golden Jazz a permanent companion. I paid a visit to their home with a 15-acre fenced yard, and it was doggie-heaven! I used my charming personality to quickly make friends with Jazz, and everybody knew that it was the right fit. Now I’ve found a great forever-home, and it’s all because of the good folks at GRRIN. THANKS!!!