08-49 Casey 08-49

Adopted by:
Martha and Steve

I’m a sweet little guy who was just 8 months old when I came into GRRIN’s care. My previous owners had surrendered me to a shelter when they didn’t have time for me. I used to spend my days and nights alone outside, but that all changed when I arrived in foster care with Judy and Daron. They and their two Goldens made sure I was cuddled and safe 24 hours a day. They housetrained me and taught me not to be afraid when I was left alone. They also helped figure out a little problem I had with urinary incontinence. I’ve just been adopted by Martha and Steve and their dog Gordy. We’ve been playing nonstop! Their extended family includes another couple of dogs, including a GRRIN dog, so we get together for doggie play sessions all the time. Thanks to GRRIN, I’m now a happy camper with a great new home.