08-60 Shelbie (Amy) 08-60

Adopted by:
Mike and Marsha and family

I was a breeder dog for the first 15 months of my life so I am a very shy, scared girl. I needed some very special care. Monica, Chad and their children took very good care of me and really helped come out of my shell. Their resident dogs Callie and Precious (now both have passed on to Rainbow Bridge since my adoption) as well as Monica’s moms’ dog Shelbie helped me gain the confidence that I needed. Then Marsha and Mike came to visit me and decided to have me join their family. They knew that I was special but they also had the love, attention and a resident dog Scooter that I needed. I really love my new home. I couldn’t believe it when I got there, there was a huge box of toys and they were just for Scooter and I to play with! Marsha takes me for walks several times a day to get me used to walking on a leash and to get me the socialization that I need. Even though I am a work in progress, I really love my forever home. I am so very thankful that GRRIN got me out of that breeder place and found me the perfect home. Thank you to everyone that made this possible!