09-01 Odie 09-01

Adopted by:
Tristian, Philip, and Cali

It’s me Odie, do you see me, do you see me, do you see me?!? I came to GRRIN in 2009. I gave all of my fosters a run for their money. But then this wonderful family came to see me and they fell in love. I mean, how could they NOT. I learned so much from them. I loved my forever family. But then one day I heard my humans talking about how their schedules were going to change and this meant I would have to be alone for longer periods of time. Goldens are not fans of being alone. We need our humans. They had to make a tough decision. They asked GRRIN for help. Because once a GRRIN dog, always a GRRIN dog. I love that mantra. My family knew it would be best if I could be with another family that wouldn’t have to leave me alone for such long periods of time. GRRIN made it work. I returned to foster care which proved to be fun and exciting. I got to meet all kinds of little humans and friends alike. My foster mom is quite the social butterfly, which is great for me, because I LOVE PEOPLE!! I kept the skills I learned with my first family in check and also learned about being patient. One day a woman and a little girl came to visit me. They immediately knew I was for them. I knew this was it. This was my lucky chance to be in a family again. I had to wait to meet one more person before a decision could be made. The dad. I had to show him my super leash skills and that I can be fun and careful around the little human. Before I knew it, I had another family of my very own. Now I’m the clown of the house. My mom says I’m hilarious and always excited to see her when she comes home to let me out. Dad takes me for runs and I like that I get to have “man” time with him some days too. I try to be as careful as I can be with the little one of the family. She likes to play with me and is learning from mom and dad how to make sure I follow the rules. Sometimes I like to dig through the trash in her bedroom. It’s my way of playing a joke on her. I am so happy that I have my second forever family and that GRRIN was part of it. I can only thank my first family for teaching me so many things and loving me enough to let me go when life changed for them. I am so grateful for how lucky I really am. 09-01 Odie Forever Family 2013 Adopted February 2013