09-07 Rusty 09-07

Adopted by:
Bryan and Laura

Hello all, Rusty here. I’m adjusting well to life with the new fam. I follow mom around all day and adore dad. I’ve been spending some quality time getting to know my geriatric Golden cohort Sandy. Most people who see us can’t tell us apart, although I personally feel I look much younger. We play chase the tennis ball, but when she gets it she always wants to change the game to keep away. That’s OK. She soon forgets it and then I seize my chance to snag it back. The little kids of the house are just in love with me and fight over who gets to put food in my dish at suppertime. The neighbors behind our house have a new baby Golden so I have opportunities to wrestle and play with him from time to time. For the most part, I have been on my best behavior since arriving at my new digs. Once in while I can’t resist sneaking a snooze on the soft couch though. Sandy and I also enjoy terrorizing the squirrels and rabbits in the back yard. We are ferocious, as far as they know. All in all, life is good. Super glad to be in a forever home. Thanks GRRIN! -R