09-11 Lucky 09-11

Adopted by:
Jeff, Sherrie and Luna

My name is Lucky, and it fits! When I was five months old I was rescued from a puppy mill where I hadn’t been socialized at all. At first, I was very afraid of people and just about everything else, too. I didn’t even know how to walk on grass, because I had never been outdoors before. But my foster parents, Jeff and Sherrie, were patient and gentle with me, and their dog Luna became my best friend and my own personal therapy dog! Little by little, I’ve blossomed into the happy, fun-loving dog I was meant to be. Now Luna and I wrestle and play chase. Jeff takes us running early in the morning when it’s quiet. I’ve also learned to play ball by myself, by throwing the ball down a flight of stairs and then running after it! I enjoy being around Jeff and Sherrie’s two grown kids, Michael and Maddie. I’m still a little shy with people I don’t know, but Luna helps me relax and be social. My foster parents love me, so they decided to adopt me! I am right where I belong.