09-12 Addie (aka Gracie) 09-12

Adopted by:
Rory, Chris, Liam and Katie

ddie was surrendered to GRRIN at only five months old and she’d already lived in three different households. She was a bundle of energy without much control (but, hey, aren’t all puppies supposed to be that way?). It didn’t take long for her to gain some manners at her foster home with Candie. Addie quickly learned to get along with the resident dogs and learned the house rules. The family that adopted her is committed to continuing the path of structure and love so that Addie can become an even better grown-up Golden. It’s all summed up in their note to GRRIN: “Just wanted to let you know that Addie is a wonderful dog. Liam, Katie, Rory and I all have a wonderful time with her. She loves carrots for her treats. She loves to go for walks. She is quite the soccer player. She has her own ball and really works the kids in soccer. She loves to have her fur combed. We took her to PetSmart and she won the musical chair game. She eagerly picked out a bunny for her prize and tore/chewed it to shreds. She loves to go for rides in the truck with our family. She will stick her head out the window and enjoy the wind. She is very smart and has already learned: sit, shake and “kennel up”. She knows her name and knows when it is time to play/go for a walk and she knows when the kids are supposed to be coming home from school. Addie is a wonderful part of our family. She is a perfect fit. Thanks for giving Addie to us.”