09-21 Casey 09-21

Adopted by:
Eli, Miun, and family

Hi! I’m Casey and I came to GRRIN because my first family had to take a lot of time to deal with medical problems. I’m a really friendly guy and I LOVE kids, so I needed more attention. Well, I certainly have that with my new family. They have two young children and I go to work with my new dad. Here’s his story about me: “Casey has been great. The whole neighborhood has adopted him. The neighborhood kids all come over to play with him. He’s a big hit at work too, he comes with me most days and makes the rounds, greeting everyone in the office in the morning. If he ever misses a day I have to explain to everyone why he’s not there and when he’ll be back. He’s learned a new trick where he’ll stand on his back legs for 10 to 15 seconds on command (some of the time, we’re working on it).”