09-26 Duke 09-26

Adopted by:
Mike and Tracey

Duke was surrendered to GRRIN over the 4th of July weekend by a family that traveled a lot and couldn’t keep him anymore. They were very sad, but Duke went to a brand new foster home and they decided he was such a great fit with their family that he should stay! Here is a picture of Duke with his new best friends Annie and Gus. (Annie is on the left, Gus in the middle, and Duke on the right, with the giant grin). He loves having a big backyard to run in and to chase Gus across. Some of the things he thinks are great: beds, couches, air conditioning and ice cubes….and his new people LOVE to snuggle with him. He likes to supervise when the laundry gets folded, but he gets in trouble when he steals the socks and tries to eat them. Most importantly, his family is so grateful that he chose them as his Forever home….He is a wonderful dog!