09-31 Cedar 09-31

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Hi there! It’s Cedar (a.k.a. the Original Bird Dog of Omaha), reporting in to update you all on my new life as a forever adopted GRRIN dog! My journey started August 3rd, when my foster Mom took me to Eppley Airfield to fly to my new forever home. My adoptive Dad, Bob, wanted toput as little stress as possible on me for my long trip, so I got to fly 1st Class on Pet Airways! Yep! 1st Class! No cargo hold for me! I got my own 1st class crate and even my very own Pet Attendant! They didn’t serve peanuts or cocktails (bummer), but we did get walked on our layovers. We stopped in Chicago and New York and then we finally arrived at the Baltimore-Washington Airport where Bob was anxiously waiting for my arrival. I didn’t let him down as I happily jumped in the back of his Suburban to go check out my new home. I even said “hello” to all the birds along the way by running back and forth on the back seat barking happily at all my new friends! We finally arrived at Bob’s house and boy was I impressed!!! I have my own acreage to run, play and chase critters! How fun is that?!?!? Bob then showed me my new digs! It’s really darn cool to have my very own condo crate in which to hang out! Over the weekend, Bob took me out yachting. I wasn’t sure what that was, but I am always up for an adventure! Bob is trying to teach me how to drive the yacht, but I’m more concerned about those pesky seagulls! There will be no feathered stowaways on my yacht!!! Anyway, I just wanted you all to know that I’m having the time of my life! Thanks to all the wonderful people at GRRIN who took such very good care of me!!! What a wonderful organization you all have! You couldn’t have found me a better forever home and family to spend all the rest of my years!!! Wags and Woofs to everyone at GRRIN! Cedar (now a.k.a. The Yachting Bird Dog of Maryland)!!! 09-31cedarhe3.jpg 09-31cedarhe2.jpg