09-32 Chase HE 09-32

Adopted by:
Cory, Mandy and family

I am Chase and I am one happy and lucky dude! I have a new family, with a sister Golden named Bailey. My family also consists of Cory and Mandy and their two daughters, who are young, like I am. Mom Mandy and Dad Cory wanted a more active dog, and they got one! Boy were they in for a surprise! I had a rough beginning settling in, but I am finding out the rules, and am working hard to get Bailey to like me. She is a sweetheart, so I am hoping she and I will become fast buddies. She is older than I am, and wasn’t feeling too well when I first came, but she seems better and we are playing a lot more. My foster Dad, Scott and his family were terrific to me, and I really appreciate all they did for me. GRINN has been wonderful working with me again, and finding the perfect home! Thank you everyone for all you have done for me! Like I said, I am one lucky dude! 09-32 Chase HE Adopted September 2011