09-34 Maddie (aka Brandy) 09-34

Adopted by:
Matt, Brandie, Claire and Jack

Some of you might recognize me as Brandy, but I have a new name: Maddie! My new owners, Matt, Brandie, Claire and Jack thought it might get a bit confusing to have the same name as my new mom so now I’m Maddie. First of all, thanks so much to my foster family: Amy, Rob, their baby daughter and their pets. They were all wonderful to me. My new family waited a long, long time to find just the right GRRIN dog and now they have. My sweet, gentle and relaxed disposition made me the perfect fit for their household. And, remember Casey aka Brewsky GRRIN dog 09-23? Well, guess what, he lives just up the street from me in his new forever home and we’ve already had a playdate! Casey and I love GRRIN!