09-37 Gracie 09-37

Adopted by:
Mike and Shannon, Mara & Krieger

GRRIN is very lucky to have families that are willing to give a forever home to senior Goldens. Mike and Shannon were already waiting to adopt a senior girl – Gracie was only in foster care for a few weeks! Here’s their story: From the time Mike and I started the adoption process with GRINN, we said we wanted to adopt a Golden Oldie. Krieger’s nine and an independent dog. Mara’s four and has always been the ‘baby’ of the family, we thought a puppy might ruin her spirit. We thought she’d like an older sister and playmate. Plus dogs live very good at our house and we thought we could offer a Golden Oldie a lot of love the remaining years of their life. We were so excited to hear about Gracie. We were told she was ten years old with the mind-set of a five year old. And they were right. I’m still amazed that she’s ten years old. We’ve had Gracie in our family a couple months now, since October 10. She has been such a fun addition. She loves to play ball-ball with Mara. I love watching her gallop and jump around when she’s playing around in the back yard. And the snow…she loves it. She digs her nose into the snow and throws it back on herself. She goes on our long walks with Mara and I. I’m amazed every day that she’s ten years old. We also discovered that she loves Halloween. She (and the other dogs) went with me back to my mom’s for Halloween. I took Mara and Kuggie walking with me and the twins trick-or-treating….Gracie stayed at home with my mom to hand out candy. Mom said she was up for every trick-or-treater. She loved all the kids and the pets she received from each them. Mom said some of the kids enjoyed Gracie more than the candy. She just LOVES kids. And is SO good with them.” Many families can’t adopt a large dog but want to help GRRIN. GRRIN currently fosters three senior dogs, including a hospice dog, Casper, who is no longer healthy enough to adjust to a new home. You can sponsor a senior Golden’s monthly vet bills by contacting us at info@grrin.org or making a donation here: https://grrin.org/archive/how-you-can-help/donate-to-grrin/