09-39 Spud aka Jethro Gibbs 09-39

Adopted by:
Bill, Angie, Rosie and Yogi

Hey there, Golden Lovers! My name is Jethro Gibbs, and I’m a mellow-yellow, laid-back, people-loving puppy! I’m a “field-line” Golden Retriever that is blonde, has less feathering, and a blockier head. I began my journey into GRRIN when my family had to move far away and couldn’t take me with them. The good people at GRRIN took in Spud (my name at the time), my sister Mackenzie 09-40 and father Diddle 09-38. I miss my original-family humans, but the life of a Golden Retriever is all about NEW ADVENTURES! My first GRRIN stop was in a foster home where I fit in right away. My foster-parents Tim and Nikki and their son Joel gave me easy-to-follow rules, boundaries, and limitations. The reason that they were so easy to follow is because I’m so smart! Well, at least that’s what I’m told. I got to play with Goldens Harry, Elliot, Max, and Truman, and Border Collie Bo! We all had a great time while they taught me the ropes on how to be an inside dog. One day I met Bill and Angie, and their Goldens Rosie and Yogi. I knew right away that this was a great family, because their energy was perfect! It wasn’t long before they invited me to be part of their “pack”. Of course I said YES! Now I’m in a great forever-home. I especially LOVE their grandchildren, Ben and Chloe, and I know the feeling is mutual. We play together all the time. I’m getting all the exercise, structure, and affection that I need while experiencing NEW ADVENTURES. Life is golden for this Golden!