09-40 Mackensie aka Maggie 09-40

Adopted by:
Mike and Carolyn

I’m Maggie (formerly Mackenzie) and I’m finally getting to tell my story! I was adopted on October 1st after being fostered by Terry and his two dog buddies, Maggie and Harley. I got to play all the time at Terry’s, and the older dogs made sure I minded my manners and learned the house rules. I was ready for my new home in no time – I’m pretty smart for an eight month old. Mike and Carolyn met me and then I got to meet their two little resident canines. We all got along but it doesn’t matter too much because I get to hang out with Mike (he’s in the picture with me) at work all day. That means I get to ride in the car a lot and play with two other black Labs that go to work at Mike’s shop. Even though I had to leave my first family, I’m very happy where I am now – thanks to the people in GRRIN for taking such great care of me!