09-45 Farley aka Murphy 09-45

Adopted by:
Mike and Erin

Hi! I’m Murphy and I came to GRRIN all the way from Kansas. I was a stray out in the country and Bob kept me for a while, but he decided I need a full-time family, so he drove me to Nebraska for a second chance. My foster home was great! Have you heard of my foster dad, Terry, and his two dogs, Maggie & Harley? Well, they know how to put a youngster like me in my place but it still didn’t keep me from bouncing around all the time. In fact, Terry nicknamed me “Tigger”! When I met Erin and Mike I knew I had to live with them and their other dog, Cooper. He can really keep up with me at playtime. Erin and Mike know how to handle a busy guy like me. Here are some important updates that Erin wrote about me: -He’s been very quick to learn the house rules – he even waits his turn at breakfast and dinner time -Loves to play WWF with his new brother, Cooper the lab, every chance he gets -ALWAYS at our side – even if his brother wants to play in the yard -Just started at daycare and he LOVES it – and so do his new parents because it wears the puppy out of him for the night! It looks like I won’t get away with much except having fun with Cooper, although maybe first I need to get through the holidays…turkey, ham, pie, wrapping paper, Christmas trees? It’s a great world out there for a dog like me!