09-47 Sammy 09-47

Adopted by:
John and Patty, and Maddie.

When I came to my foster home, Patty and John didn’t know I was going to be so charming and smart. They decided they wouldn’t want to have me adopted by anyone else. Hey! I’m a fun guy to have around! I figured out the “in house” rules quickly, and I showed them how well I could obey commands. I taught them new behaviors, too! John learned that bread should be put in the cabinet, and Patty discovered a trash container can come with a pop-up lid. I’m not sure why they were concerned about bread disappearing from the counter (burp!) and my curiosity for what was in the kitchen trash. My new sister, Maddie, came from GRRIN 4 years ago, and we have a lot of fun together on walks, trips in the car, and sometimes just sleeping close to each other. I don’t know why the people are so amazed at my high energy and love of Frisbee-fetching. I’m well-practiced at it after 12 years. Yup! I turned 12 in March. Patty and John say I’m the best “poster boy” for adopting an older dog. I’m not sure what that means, but I do know that every day is the very best day of my life! I make sure everybody knows it too when I decide to howl in excitement!