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Adopted by:
Mary Jo, Joe. Brian, Audrey, Panda, Shaggy, and Skitzi

My name is Rusty, and I’m a little over 1 year old. I could also be called Lucky Dog, because that’s what I am! Before I came into GRRIN, I had a life with no exercise, no structure, and no affection. All that changed when I was fostered in the home of Tim, Nikki, and Joel. They pointed me in the right direction, and their dogs taught me how to act like a Golden Retriever! I have a very high energy, so it took me awhile to know what was expected of me. After I got the hint, I started to relax and enjoy my new life. One day I met a great family, with a young man that really liked me. Before I knew it I was going on playdates to see if I fit in with this family and their pets. Panda the Husky accepted me right away, Shaggy the Shitzu was a little hesitant (but I’m sure that we’ll be friends), and Skitzi the cat hissed. I’m told that the hissing will go away when she gets used to me. Until then I’ll just give her some space. After a few playdates, I was told that I’d be staying, and this would be my forever-home. WOO HOO! I loved my foster home, but I now have a permanent family! Every day I get exercise, structure, and affection. I get to sleep in the same room as Brian. I get to play with the whole family (except Skitzi). Who could ask for anything more? I truly am a LUCKY DOG.

  • Adopted by: Mary Jo, Joe. Brian, Audrey, Panda, Shaggy, and Skitzi
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